Why I’m Doing 75 HARD™ Again (Just After Completing It)

I just finished the 75 HARD™ challenge two weeks ago and I’m starting again. I finally reached the top of the mountain, so why am I running down the mountain only to start climbing it again? 

The 75 HARD™ challenge is actually part of the Live Hard program by Andy Frisella. 75 HARD™ is just the first phase. After that, you get Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. I’m very proud of myself for completing the challenge, but I want to start it from scratch because I am in a transition period of my life and I wanted to be able to say that I started doing 75 HARD™ and the Live Hard program at the start of this transition.

I like pairing big personal goals like completing the 75 HARD™ challenge with big moments in my life or big transition phases. I think it will help me make the best of this time and grow as much as possible.

I love doing this challenge so much that starting from scratch really excites me.

What Are The 75 HARD™ Challenge Tasks?

If you don’t know, the tasks you have to do every day on 75 HARD™ are:

  1. Follow a diet
  2. No cheat meals or alcohol
  3. Do two, 45-minute workouts a day (one of them outside)
  4. Read 10 pages of a nonfiction book a day
  5. Take a progress photo every day
  6. Drink a gallon of water

How Will This Time be Different? 

I had to think about this one for a bit. During round 1 of 75 HARD™, I followed a low-carb diet, trying to stay below 100g of carbs a day. Most days, I stayed around 50g of carbs. And wow, the results were incredible. I got within 1kg (2.2lbs) of my goal weight and lost about 3kg (6.6lbs), which is very hard for me to do in general. 

In the beginning, my workouts were mainly focused on weight training, but then I really needed to reduce my stress levels and I started replacing some of my weight training workouts with walking and stretching.

So what do I plan on doing now? 

Since my body fat percentage is exactly what I want it to be right now, I’m not going to focus on losing fat, but building muscle. I’m going to start training hard for muscle growth again. Yay! I want to see how much I can grow my glutes. 🍑

My diet goal will be to follow a low-carb, animal-based diet but while only eating three times a day maximum.

In the past, whenever I’ve had success trying to lose weight and become the fit person I want to be, I always ended up sabotaging myself and found myself right back where I started. Not this time. 

With this round of 75 HARD™, I will prove to myself that I am mentally tough, that I can stay in control and maintain a healthy body fat %, and that I can keep moving towards my goals. I will not undo my results from the last time I did 75 HARD™. In fact, this time, we’re taking things to a new level.

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