Why I Don’t Wear Make-Up, Even Though I Have Acne

Why I Don’t Wear Make-Up, Even Though I Have Acne

I don’t really wear make-up, even though I have hormonal acne and quite a bit of hyperpigmentation. I think I stopped wearing make-up roughly five and a half years ago.

This was just after I started dating my husband, Jonathan. I changed the birth control I was on and it made my skin break out… a lot. Before I knew it, my moderate acne turned into my absolute worst nightmare. My jawline was covered in cystic acne. It really sucked. 

Since make-up didn’t do a proper job of covering my acne, I stopped wearing it most of the time. I felt very negative and just thought: what’s the point? 

Plus, I became scared of the possibility that my make-up was making my acne worse. 

My mom wasn’t the biggest fan of this decision. Since my skin is so pale and I can easily look a little ghostly, she would prefer it if I got a little help from some mascara and blush. 

I do wear make-up for formal events on occasion (which only happens once or twice a year), at Christmas and on my mom’s birthday. I found some make-up made with natural ingredients that I feel more comfortable wearing, but before I found it, I refused to wear make-up. 

I kind of did a full Alicia Keys. Alicia Keys announced a few years ago that she was going to stop wearing make-up. At first, people thought she was never going to wear make-up again, but she eventually started wearing it occasionally when she felt like it. 

It took a year to get my skin to return to how it was before it freaked out after Jonathan and I started dating. It stayed like that for a few years but last year, due to hormonal changes and stress, my skin became bad again. 

This made walking around without make-up harder, but I still chose not to wear it most of the time. My skin is improving now at least.

Other than the fact that I want to reduce the risk of clogging my pores, here are a few reasons why I don’t wear make-up 95% of the time:

Make-Up Didn’t Hide My Acne Well

As I’ve said, make-up did not hide my acne well at all. It felt hopeless. I was getting ready for an event one day. My mom was busy styling my hair, and I was putting on my make-up, desperately trying to cover up my acne. It did not help. I burst into tears and just thought: what’s the point? 

It was shortly after this that I stopped wearing make-up daily. 

My Husband Does Not Care if I Wear Make-Up

When my skin was at its worst, Jonathan was great and very supportive. The way he looked at me did not change at all. When I thought that I was ugly and believed that he was going to decide to leave me one day because of my skin, he still looked at me like I was beautiful. 

He doesn’t care if I don’t wear make-up.

I’m too Lazy to Put On Make-Up or Wash it Off

When I started dating my husband, he made me realise that I would rather stay in bed for longer instead of getting up earlier to put on make-up. Now, I just get up, brush my teeth, get dressed, brush my hair, and go. I don’t waste my time with any extras.

Your nighttime skincare routine also takes so much longer if you have to remove your make-up properly. I just can’t see myself making a commitment like that right now.

My Goal is to Be Naturally Beautiful

I don’t want to have to wear make-up in order to be seen as beautiful. I don’t want to rely on it to feel beautiful either. I want to be naturally beautiful.

There’s something exciting about being so healthy and so happy that it gives you a radiant glow from within and makes you look more beautiful. That is what I want and even though I’m not there yet, I will face the world with a bright smile and some spots on my face.