Why do We Start Our Diets on Mondays

Why do We Start Our Diets on Mondays?

My mom and I loved to start our diets on Mondays when I was younger, as many people do. But what we also did before the start of a new diet was try to eat everything in the house that could be considered as unhealthy on a Sunday. If it is not in the house anymore, then it cannot tempt you, right?

Not that the Monday strategy ever really worked, however. We probably started over at least two Mondays a month on average.

I suppose that if you say you will start over on Monday or just the next day, you buy yourself more time to eat junk food and eat everything you want, but it also means you might store more fat and cause even more inflammation in your body that you have to get rid of. 

Why Wait Until Monday?

I guess we romanticise the idea of starting on a Monday because it represents a new week and a new start. But you could just change your mindset to a new hour or minute, a new start. That will be so much better for you, your health, and your confidence.

Start Over Immediately

The key to breaking the Monday diet cycle is to not wait until Monday but to start over immediately when you give in to temptation and eat something that the part of you that wants to become the best version of yourself did not really want to eat, or do what I do and eat two days’ worth of calories in one day.

Start over as soon as you can snap yourself out of your food frenzy, even if it is only the next morning because you ended up eating half the contents of your fridge just before bed. There is nothing like waking up and seeing the chaos you left behind in your act of self-destruction in the form of wrapping papers, take away boxes, the store receipt that lists all the food you ended up buying impulsively, etc.

A food hangover is a great motivator though. You wake up feeling sluggish, tired, and drained (because you have obviously given your body a lot to process), but ready for a fresh start.

I hope you can stop your “I’ll start my diet on Monday” mentality and adopt a “start over immediately” approach instead.