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What We Are Aiming for At The Hart of Health

At The Hart of Health, we are more than just a couple of health nerds. We are a husband and wife who teamed up to create a platform where we can share our thoughts, experiences, and what we learned about health and self-optimization. It started with just this website, and then we started a podcast.

It has been fun so far. But we have big plans for the future. While we are still learning and finding our feet, one day, we hope to help a lot of people. We hope to interview some great people. And we want to have fun along the way.

Who knows what will happen? Maybe we will start a magazine related to health and wellness one day. Perhaps we could launch a primal/carnivore cooking show… The possibilities are endless, and the journey might be bumpy, but we hope you will join us for the ride and that we can do our part to help make the world a healthier place.