What is Biohacking And How I Became a Biohacker as a Child

What is Biohacking? And How I Became a Biohacker as a Child

It is hard, but exciting. It is a road to self-optimization and becoming superhuman. It is… biohacking. Perhaps you have heard about biohacking, but as this practice is still quite a niche area of personal development, you may not know what it is yet. So, how does it work? And what is biohacking?

Biohacking is the attempt to improve the health and performance of your body and mind through various ways, such as changing your diet, taking certain drugs, using technology, exercising in specific ways, and also changing other aspects of your lifestyle. 

A lot of times, people get into this practice when they have a certain health condition or other problem, perhaps even just a lack of focus, which they would like to correct. You may also want to get into biohacking because you want to improve your performance in your chosen sport. 

From obstacle course racing, mountain biking, athletics, and swimming to dancing, yoga, and just weight lifting, there are ways of improving your performance by using diet, technology, calming practices like meditation, etc. 

I started biohacking before I knew the term, and before it became a thing. What happens when you get teased for an entire year at school when you are eight years old and when two boys follow you around calling you fat, is that you start trying to learn how to fix it. My health journey started when I was just a little kid. 

I started reading every health article I could find in a magazine or on the internet. I remember tearing articles out of magazines in hospital waiting rooms to read at home and obsessively paging through every magazine in my grandmother’s house, saving the health articles, and then cutting out the most important information to paste in a notebook that I would study.

I would try every tip I came across. And now, at 25, I am still doing it. 

While I started doing research about health in order to lose weight, I became intrigued by the health tips that were not only beneficial for weight loss, but to become as healthy as possible. I did not just want to be lean, I wanted my body to be super healthy (my inner child’s goal). 

I realised that I have always been into biohacking when I realised that, even as a kid, I was doing it. Here are a few things that I did when I started my biohacking journey:

  • I was taking cold showers and walking home from school with my sleeves rolled up to get some cold exposure in an attempt to get my body to produce more brown fat, which actually helps you burn more fat. 
  • Although I was not able to turn my bathroom into a sauna (yes, I tried), I still took hot baths in order to get the benefits from heat exposure. In fact, I drank two cups of ginger tea, which raises your internal body temperature, and then got into a hot bath to maximise the effects. 
  • I forced myself to spend at least twenty minutes in the sun in order to try and make sure that my body would get enough vitamin D.
  • When possible, I tried to eat eggs before writing tests, as the choline content helps with brain health and performance, and the amino acid, tryptophan, that is found in eggs can boost serotonin production and help you stay calm and focused. 

My journey as a biohacker started seventeen years ago. When I learned what biohacking is that my soul said yes, and I finally had a word to describe everything I had been doing to try and become my healthiest, best self.

What is important with biohacking is that you experiment. You can try out a few biohacking tips, perhaps for 30 days at least, and then disregard the ones you do not like and keep doing the ones that you do like. 

What are some biohacking tips that you can start experimenting with? Here are a few you could try:

  • Get your blood tested for deficiencies if you want to know whether or not you have any nutrient deficiencies. Getting blood tests done could help you figure out where to start with your diet and/or supplements.
  • Having a DNA test done can also help you learn more about your own body, what may be causing your health problems, which conditions you have a higher risk of developing in the future, etc. 
  • Switch to a diet that is low in sugar and processed foods. This way, you can start experimenting with different ways of eating to see what you respond to well. 
  • Take cold showers or just finish your showers with cold water. Cold exposure can help increase brown fat production, as mentioned, and also help with neuroplasticity, which is your brain’s way of changing itself. 
  • Meditate. It has a variety of benefits, such as reduced anxiety, improved focus, a reduced rate of ageing, etc. 


So, now that you know what biohacking is, you can start your own journey towards self-optimization and becoming your superhuman self.