What is Biohacking And How Can It Help You Become Superhuman

What is Biohacking? And How Can It Help You Become Superhuman?

The world of biohacking is exciting, and so is living with the intent to become superhuman, but what is biohacking? And how do you incorporate it? It is the practice of using diet, lifestyle habits, and technology to help you become your best self… your superhuman self.

I used to think about food and lifestyle habits just in terms of maintaining basic health. When I learned exactly what biohacking is, a healthy lifestyle became even more exciting, because biohacking holds the promise of hacking your health and your biology, so that you will feel your best and perform optimally.

Biohacking is popular amongst tech-loving people from Silicon Valley, and it often involves using technology in order to improve your health and track what is going on in your body through fitness trackers, glucose monitors, brain scans, blood tests, DNA assessments, etc.

It is not necessary to turn to technology when biohacking your health. What is essential when biohacking is that you make small changes to your diet and lifestyle that will help improve your health and improve how the cells in your body perform, how your brain functions, how your body performs during physical activity, etc.

How is Biohacking Beneficial When Aiming to Become Superhuman?

Biohacking your body and your health could help you excel at work due to an improvement in cognitive performance. Mentally, you can perform like a superhuman. Biohacking can help you live longer. Various biohackers love experimenting with anti-aging practices, such as red-light therapy, stem cell therapy, intermittent fasting, and cold shock therapy.

Biohacking can improve the way your body looks by optimizing the way your body burns energy and training it to burn stored fat when you incorporate practices, such as intermittent fasting, following a ketogenic diet, and doing cold shock therapy, which stimulates the production of brown fat. Brown fat is a type of fat that contains more mitochondria and is more metabolically active.

The more brown fat you have, the more weight you will lose. Speaking of mitochondria, it is a big focus in the biohacker universe. Biohackers often focus on recycling mitochondria and increasing the number of mitochondria in order to help cells perform optimally. Biohacking practices that help you achieve this include fasting, following a ketogenic diet, and doing cold shock therapy.

Luckily, a lot of the benefits that biohackers are after can be found through the same biohacking practices.

What Exactly Is the Biohacking Movement? How We Are Trying to Become Superhumans

We feel that the biohacking movement is a movement involving people who want more and refuse to settle in their lives and with their health and bodies. They don’t just want to be healthy, they want to become superhuman. Biohackers know that they can greatly decrease the chances of developing certain diseases and conditions by changing their diets and lifestyles.

They know how to extend lifespan just by adopting certain habits.

What Is the Best Biohacking Approach for Me?

Biohackers have to take the time to self-experiment and find which diet principles they can fit into their lives and want the benefits of, as well as which ones make them feel like they are starting to become superhuman. It is important for biohackers to listen to how the body responds to certain foods.

They need to choose workouts based on what they want to achieve physically and what their bodies respond to best. Here are some biohacking tips that you can start with if you want to know how to become superhuman:

1. Do an Elimination Diet

One of the first things you can try is cutting out foods that are known to cause inflammation and other side effects in the body, such as sugar, gluten, soy, dairy, trans fats, and any other processed foods. You can consider cutting grains as well. After about three to four weeks, you can add them back, one at a time, to see if you react badly.

2. Practice Time Restricted Eating or Intermittent Fasting

What is a biohacking conversation without talking about fasting? Changing the time that you are eating to stay within a certain window of time can be greatly beneficial for your health. Many people fast for 12 hours a day or more, which is known as time-restricted eating, but once it becomes 16 hours or more, it is more commonly known as intermittent fasting. Prolonged fasts of 24 hours to seven days are also practices that many biohackers experiment with. Fasting gives your body a chance to digest damaged or dead cells, reduce inflammation, and aid fat loss.

3. Meditate to Become A Calm Superhuman

Meditation is very beneficial for your health, which is appealing to biohackers, but it can also help improve your mental performance. This makes it even more exciting for a health nerd like me who loves the idea of optimal performance. It helps reduce stress, which reduces the stress hormone, cortisol, and can help you improve your health. Cortisol speeds up ageing, encourages fat loss, makes you feel anxious, triggers the liver to produce glucose, and leads to insulin spikes.

Meditating regularly can help increase focus and promote mindfulness.

4. Eat A High-Fat Diet: The Best Way to Become a Fat Burner

A high-fat diet is appealing to many people who love biohacking, because it helps to fuel your brain. Your brain cells and membranes are mostly made of fat, and many people report experiencing an improvement in mental clarity from following a high-fat diet. Consuming enough eggs will, therefore, help your body build a healthier brain by providing it with enough saturated fat, monounsaturated fat, and Omega 3s when you eat a variety of healthy fat sources.

5. Sleep More Like a Superhuman

As a kid, I was forced to take naps, but now as an adult, I get excited at the prospect of more sleep. Improving the quality of your sleep, as well as making sure that you get around seven hours of sleep per night will put your body in the best possible position to perform optimally.

A lack of sleep impairs mental performance and wreaks havoc on your body by triggering reactions, such as increasing insulin levels, decreasing reaction time, increasing cortisol levels, and elevated levels of the hunger hormone known as ghrelin.

What is biohacking? It is an exciting adventure involving your health, performance, and self-experimentation. It is a personal journey in which you become your own version of superhuman, but it is definitely one worth taking.