What is a Good Biohacking Diet for Superhuman Weight Loss

What is a Good Biohacking Diet for Superhuman Weight Loss?

Weight loss sucks, but biohacking and aiming to become superhuman… now those are fun goals. I want to become a fat burner, and no, I do not mean someone who burns butter or bacon, but someone whose body can easily burn fat for energy. If I look at the past 25 years that I have been on earth, it is clear that my body prefers carbs.

I try not to talk too much about weight loss, because there is so much more to health, such as biohacking your way to becoming superhuman. 

Sometimes, however, you need to lose weight to improve your health. Yes, one of my main reasons for aiming for fat loss is to look good, but I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and studies suggest that losing weight can improve your symptoms. 

This might sound funny, but I also want to lose my belly fat, because in some twisted yoga poses, my belly fat actually got in the way of me going as deep into the pose as I want to. 

Flexibility, for me, is a test of my superhuman capabilities. 

Biohacking can make weight loss far more interesting. Instead of just focusing on diet and exercise, you can also experiment with other biohacking weight-loss strategies, and do things like cold exposure therapy, red light therapy, breathing techniques, etc. 

So, what is a good biohacking diet for weight loss while trying to become superhuman at the same time? Here is an outline of what you can do to get you closer to your goals and train your body to become a fat burner:

Try Cold Exposure Therapy

Taking cold showers, ice baths, or going for cryotherapy can help with weight loss, as the cold exposure can help your body produce more brown fat, which is more metabolically active, meaning you will naturally burn more calories at rest and lose more fat. 

Experiment with a Low-Carb Diet

If you want to become a fat burner, one of the first things you should do is to get the glucose out of your system. Only once you have done this and your body doesn’t have available glucose will you start transitioning to burning stored fat instead. 

Eat More Fat

A low-carb, high-fat diet is the way to go if you really want to become a fat burner. If you do not consume any fat in your diet, your body will not be used to burning it for energy. But by following a diet that is low in carbohydrates and has a fat intake of 70% or higher, you can easily train your body to burn fat easily. 

Practice Intermittent Fasting or Time-Restricted Eating

When you restrict your eating window during the day, it can help you greatly with weight loss and becoming superhuman, as it has a lot of benefits for your health and improving performance. Today, however, I am only going to focus on the benefits for weight loss. 

I like fasting for twelve to sixteen hours, although it is usually around 13 hours, and also try not to snack between meals. When you go for periods of time without eating, your body gets a chance to tap into your stored fat for energy. 

It also helps reduce high insulin levels, as your insulin levels will not go up as frequently throughout the day. Elevated insulin levels will make losing fat an even bigger bitch. This is also why I try to not snack in a day, so that my body can snack on my love handles in between meals. 

A lot of people who love biohacking also report an increase in mental sharpness when practising intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating, which can help you maintain your self-control and sanity when at a buffet or a party or just at home in your pajamas. 

Meditate and Breathe

Meditation is a biohacking tip that you will come across a lot on our website about health and becoming superhuman. 

Incorporating a daily meditation practice (even if you only meditate five or ten minutes a day) and also doing deep breathing exercises throughout the day can help with losing fat, because when you are stressed or anxious, and your cortisol levels go up, your body will not be in an ideal state to burn the excess padding. 

Meditation is also great practice for mindfulness, which is the ultimate tool when trying to become superhuman. Mindfulness, being focused awareness, can help you perform better when incorporating biohacking strategies and also stick to the new habits you want to incorporate, as you won’t become distracted, stressed, or overwhelmed as easily. 

It can help you stay calm, which will help your brain perform optimally. Meditation and breathing exercises will help make you feel like a superhuman even when you are trying various diet and biohacking strategies for weight loss. 


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