Quit smoking

Today is The Best Day to Quit Smoking

Today is the best day to quit smoking. As everyone has seen on the news, the Coronavirus was not successfully contained and it is most likely going to affect 70% to 80% of the world’s population. If you are a healthy person with no underlying illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, any respiratory compromises, or obesity, you have a very low chance of even needing to go to the hospital. 

The problem for everyone who smokes is that it makes your respiratory system compromised from the get-go, meaning that you are more likely to encounter complications if you contract the Coronavirus if you are a smoker. The people who die from Coronavirus die from lung infections, so you would want to make sure that you can get your lung health as good as possible for the likely encounter with the Coronavirus. 

There are many other things you can do to improve your health to take on this virus but the one habit that negatively affects the most important body part we should be protecting is smoking. There have always been plenty of reasons why it is a good idea to quit smoking, and now, there is an even better reason. Improve your odds against the Coronavirus and quit smoking today.

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