Tip from a Health Blogger Stop Doing Workouts You Hate

Tip from a Health Blogger: Stop Doing Workouts You Hate

I am a health blogger who loves to blog about different ways of advancing your health, but that does not necessarily mean that I do hectic workouts. Cardio isn’t my friend, and you won’t easily find me in a difficult hour-long bootcamp or spinning class, maybe for a blog post about the health benefits, but it will only happen once every few months.

I would rather do yoga or weight lifting every day than run, which is still wonderful for your health. Typical cardio workouts like running or cycling have never been my thing, although I like hiking every now and then (but not too often). The good news is that I don’t have to. As a health blogger, I have learned that for whatever workout you don’t like, there’s always an alternative.

If you don’t like brussels sprouts, you can eat other vegetables that provide you with the same nutrients. The same rule applies when you don’t like certain workouts. There’s always an alternative that is just as good for you, and that you might even enjoy. I will still write a blog post about different types of fun workouts you can do that don’t cause a lot of suffering.

There is a big enough variety in terms of workout options, so that you can design a programme you will actually enjoy. Instead of running, I like to go mountain biking, dance, walk, and do weight lifting. Being a health blogger on a quest for self-optimisation, I’m sure I will probably document how my body does respond to certain types of workouts that I dislike, but for now, the ones I enjoy will suffice. 

Sure, I’ll have to walk longer to burn the same amount of energy as running, but I enjoy listening to podcasts from bloggers, health experts, or generally successful people while doing it, so it doesn’t really bother me. Plus, dancing and shopping are way more fun as cardio options.

I prefer to test my Superhuman strengths on my yoga mat. You will never convince me to run a marathon. Find workouts that work for you. Don’t do something just because you think it will bring you faster results. You have to focus on your long-term game plan of living a healthy lifestyle in a way that makes you feel like you are getting closer to self-optimization. Take it from an overenthusiastic health blogger with a lot of research under her belt, you can be just as healthy doing workouts you love.

Even when doing fun workouts, you still need motivation to start sometimes. Here are a few benefits of exercising regularly for your health:

More Mitochondria

Exercise helps to build the mitochondria in your cells. This is known as mitochondria biogenesis.

When we become dependent on carbs for energy, the body usually stops burning fat. To be able to burn more fat, you need more mitochondria in your cells. Mitochondria convert fuel into energy. They create ATP, which is the type of energy the body uses. The body also turns glucose into ATP. You want your body to build more mitochondria and also to improve the efficiency thereof, so that you can burn your stored fat more easily.

This will help you when fasting and also when trying to lose weight. More mitochondria in your brain cells will also help your brain have more energy.

Cut back on eating carbohydrates in order to build more mitochondria. Any type of aerobic activity and even doing weight lifting is great for getting the body to make more mitochondria. With the right type of exercise and enough patience, you can increase your mitochondria by up to double. You will have more energy, and will be able to burn fat efficiently when needed.

Exercise Makes You Feel Good

Exercise is a way for you to celebrate your body. It can make you feel empowered when you do something that requires strength and endurance, and sends a rush of feel-good endorphins throughout your body. Working out will also boost your energy levels, improve your overall health, and can improve your mood and help in the management of mental health disorders like anxiety and depression.

Do not exercise as a punishment for being overweight or after eating too much or something naughty, but rather as a celebration of your body.

It Helps with Fat Loss, which Is This Blogger’s Current Goal

Exercise helps with fat loss by helping you burn more calories and build muscle, which helps you burn more calories at rest.

The more fat you have on your body, the less vitamin D you can use. The reason why is because vitamin D is fat soluble, so it gets absorbed by the fat, and so, there is not enough bioavailable vitamin D for the rest of your body to use.

I am highly motivated to lose fat at this moment in time, which I will talk about more on the blog as I learn more and carry on along my health journey

It Builds and Protects Muscle

As we get older, our bodies start losing muscle mass. This usually happens around the age of 40. The best way to prevent that is by building muscle when you are younger to help maintain muscle mass and slow down the breakdown thereof.

Whatever your motivation for working out, I encourage you to experiment with different workouts and to stick to the ones that you enjoy. You can switch between a variety of different workouts throughout the week and month, or stick to only one or two types. You have to do workouts you want to do.

The same applies to your routine and how long and often you exercise. Find a workout plan and structure that is ideal for you, even if that means not having a plan at all. You can go according to how you feel on a daily basis, and do a workout that you are in the mood for.

Take it from a health blogger: you do not have to do workouts you hate, and you can create a healthy lifestyle you love.