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The Vegan Diet Episode! Pros & Cons of Being Plant-Based, The Environmental Impact, Keto, & More! | Podcast Episode #3

In this episode that we did for our podcast, The Hart of Health, we talk about the vegan diet! Since Jonathan decided to do a vegan diet challenge back in February, we thought that the vegan diet would be a great topic for our podcast. I know I am sharing this on the website a bit late, as we recorded it months ago, but rather late than never.  This is what we talked about on the podcast:

  • Joané’s experience trying a plant-based diet a few years ago.
  • Mikhaila Peterson’s experience on the carnivore diet and how certain foods affect her body.
  • The health challenges that we did in January and February
  • Jonathan’s experience with trying a low-fat, high-carb plant-based diet
  • Eating a lot of fat and carbs at the same time.
  • The things we do like about the vegan way of eating.
  • Challenges people can face when on a vegan diet.
  • The importance of experimenting with your diet to learn what works for you.
  • Eating a whole foods diet versus a lot of junk food before going plant-based.
  • Inflammation caused by overeating.
  • Your body’s rest and digest system.
  • The importance of finding balance in your diet.
  • Eating too many grains and legumes when you are on a vegan diet.
  • Consuming too much fruit and sugar when you are on a plant-based diet.
  • Being too ideological on a vegan diet.
  • Being open-minded when it comes to your diet.
  • Finding the right diet for you.
  • Going vegetarian instead of vegan.
  • Choosing to go on a low-carb or vegan keto diet.
  • Eating enough calories when on a vegan diet.
  • Being forced to take supplements when on a plant-based diet.
  • Buying locally sourced produce in order to help the environment.
  • The environmental impact of being on a vegan vs a carnivore diet.
  • The power of cutting out processed foods, shopping less, and reducing food waste in order to help the environment.


We had quite a bit of fun recording it and know that we covered quite a lot. Hope you enjoy listening to it!


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