The Reality of Becoming Healthier and Changing Your Diet

The Reality of Becoming Healthier and Changing Your Diet

Most diet battles take place in a hidden battlefield: your mind. While you might think that parties, restaurants, fast food places, and your kitchen would be the areas where it would be the hardest to cope, your mind can be the ultimate place for suffering to happen. You can excuse yourself from social events, take a different route home from work to avoid seeing restaurants or fast food chains that normally trigger you, and even stay far away from your kitchen to try and evade temptation, but your mind is one place you cannot hide from.

Losing fat and/or becoming healthier can be an emotional experience for anyone. If you do not believe me, then try to go on a diet where you are limited to boring salads or steamed vegetables and lean meat for a few weeks. Watch other people eat dessert and indulgent foods at work or social events, or go shopping for groceries when you have cravings, but you cannot get all the sugary treats you love. And then see how you feel then.

A lot of people only develop a bad relationship with food after going on their first diet, especially if it is one that makes them feel deprived. Life can become miserable very quickly when changing your diet, especially if you also throw hard workouts into the mix and have to deal with the normal stresses of daily life, such as deadlines, maintaining a reasonably clean house, taking care of kids, and trying to look like you have things under control.

If you want to be successful in your attempt to improve your health, then you need to address the mental side of things too. Changing your habits is mostly psychological, and you may need to incorporate a few strategies to make it easier for you to improve your behaviours around food. 

Strategies you can try include journaling, talking to friends, finding healthy foods you like, trying not to be too restrictive, seeking professional help if needed, and making sure you get the nutrients you need daily to take care of any deficiencies.

I wish I could tell you how to make becoming healthier and changing your diet easy, but the truth is it is not. But we all know good things are worth fighting for and doing hard things can bring you great rewards.