The 75 HARD™ Challenge Should You Do It

The 75 HARD™ Challenge: Should You Do It?

Have you heard of the 75 HARD™ challenge? If you like challenging yourself both mentally and physically, this challenge might be perfect for you. 

In this article, we’re going to attempt to answer any questions you may have about the 75 HARD™ challenge, so if you want to start the challenge yourself, you have all the information you need. 

What is the 75 HARD™ Challenge?

75 HARD™ is a popular mental toughness challenge started by Andy Frisella, the CEO of 1st Phorm Internation, and host of the Real Af podcast. He did the challenge himself and it changed his life, and now, countless others have changed their lives by completing the challenge. (1)

While many people use the challenge for physical-transformation purposes, the challenge is actually meant to help you build discipline and mental toughness. 

The challenge has grown in popularity over the last few years and if you just look at the way those who have done it have transformed, both mentally and physically, it’s clear to see why. 

What are the Rules of 75 HARD™? 

On the 75 HARD™ challenge, there are a few rules you need to follow daily. They are:

  1. Do 2×45-minute workouts daily (1 has to be outside).
  2. Follow a diet, any diet. 
  3. Take a progress photo every day. 
  4. Drink a gallon of water a day.
  5. No cheat meals or alcohol.

How Difficult is 75 HARD™?

The difficulty of 75 HARD™ depends on you. Of course, it will be challenging. After all, it’s not called “75 Easy”. But the difficulty depends on how disciplined you are with your daily schedule and routine and doing your daily tasks. It depends on the difficulty of the diet you chose to stick to for the 75 days. If you choose a diet like a severe calorie-restricted diet, it’s obviously going to be harder than if you chose something like a whole-foods diet. 

The difficulty of the challenge also depends on your workout expectations. If you aim to do intense workouts like running, HIIT workouts, Crossfit, and jumping rope daily, it will be harder than if you plan on doing lower-intensity workouts like walking, Pilates, and yoga. 

It will be easier if you workout the way you feel like working out daily and train intuitively instead of trying to stick to a set workout programme and schedule. 

You can make it as difficult as you want to. 

What Do I Do After 75 HARD™?

After 75 HARD™ is complete, you have a few options:

  1. Go back to the way you were living before (but who wants that?).
  2. Keep some of the healthy habits you’ve gained during 75 HARD™ and make them part of your lifestyle going forward. 
  3. Do the next three phases of the Live Hard program.

What are the Phases of 75 HARD™?

Many people are only aware of the 75 HARD™ challenge and think it stops there, but 75 HARD™ is actually only the first part of the Live Hard program. The Live Hard program has a few phases, namely:

  • 75 HARD™
  • Phase I: a 30-day challenge you can do after 75 HARD™ that includes daily 5-min cold showers, 10 minutes of visualisation, and doing three critical tasks daily.
  • Phase II: a 30-day challenge you have to wait at least a month after Phase I to do. It basically requires that you follow the same rules as 75 HARD™. 
  • Phase III: the last phase, which you start a month before the anniversary of the first time you did 75 HARD™. It includes talking to a stranger every day, taking 5-minute cold showers, doing one random act of kindness, and doing three critical tasks. 

Is the 75 Day Hard Healthy?

Yes, 75 HARD™ can be very healthy for you, especially if you weren’t drinking enough water before, weren’t following a healthy diet, and weren’t exercising regularly. It’s also healthy for your mind since you have to read 10 pages a day. 

Sticking to a healthy diet and fitness plan is very hard for most people. People often struggle to stick to it for a week and fall off the rails after a few weeks. But with 75 HARD™, something magical happens. Because the challenge forces you to stick to a diet and workout daily for 75 days, and you have to start over if you skip a day, people tend to stick to it for longer periods of time because they don’t want to start over. And many people are determined to complete the challenge even if they have to start over, so I think the challenge definitely helps with adherence. 

Many people will say that working out twice a day is unhealthy, but if you think about how sedentary people often are, I think two workouts a day can only be beneficial. Of course, if you do two intense workouts daily like running or doing Crossfit, it can put a lot of stress on your body, but if you make at least one of your daily workouts something light like a walk or yoga, or if you sprinkle in some low-intensity workouts throughout the week, you’ll be fine. 

Is 75 HARD™ a Good Idea?

I think 75 HARD™ is a great idea for anyone who wants to transform mentally and physically and prove to themselves what they’re capable of. 

Many people online will tell you that it’s not a good idea to do 75 HARD™ because it’s too hard and restrictive for the average person to do and they don’t think anyone should undertake such an “extreme” challenge. That’s why many people have started “75 Soft” challenges online, where they make the rules far less strict, but personally, I’m not a fan. 

The truth is that anyone who wants to do 75 HARD™ probably doesn’t want to be ordinary and wants to challenge themselves to do something extraordinary. I also think we need to have more faith in people. If the challenge was too hard, why are there so many people who have completed it? By telling people not to do it because it’s too hard, you’re basically telling them that you don’t believe they can do it. Isn’t it better if people believe that they can do hard things if they put their minds to it? 

Sure, if you mess up on any of the rules, you have to start over. But I think that’s actually a very good lesson. It’s like a video game, if you fail at a level, you get to start over. Does that mean that people shouldn’t keep trying to complete a level if they’ve failed once or twice before? 

If you have to start over on 75 HARD™, you can think of it as a video game you have to start over. Plus, starting over doesn’t really delete everything you’ve done until that point. Your body will still benefit from all the workouts you did, the water you drank, and the pages you read. 

And I think the world can use more mentally tough and disciplined people, and 75 HARD™ is a great way to get the ball rolling.

Is the 75 HARD™ App Worth it?

If you don’t know, you can download the 75 HARD™ app to help you along your journey, and the app is definitely worth it. The first time I tried to do 75 HARD™, I messed up one day and forgot to take my progress photo. But the app makes it much easier to remember what you have and haven’t done. 

The app will also send you reminders to complete your tasks and ask you if you need to start over if you haven’t logged all your tasks. It’s the ultimate accountability app. 

Should I Do 75 HARD™? 

Only if you want to become a more disciplined and mentally tough person.
Only if you want to become a healthier and fitter version of yourself.
Only if you want to spend 75 days feeding your brain by reading 10 pages daily. 

Is 75 HARD™ Dangerous?

Only if you do it wrong. 75 HARD™ itself is not dangerous. However, I suppose it can be if you make it dangerous. If you decide to eat 1200 calories or less a day and deprive your diet of vital nutrients you need, and if you do a diet like the vegan diet that’s known to cause nutrient deficiencies, it can be bad for your health and dangerous.

If you sacrifice sleep to do workouts at 3 am or 4 am, it’s not good for your health. 

If you do intense workouts like HIIT workouts daily, especially while on a bad diet that doesn’t give your body what it needs and on top of a lack of sleep, it can be bad for your health. 

But, if you make sure you sleep enough, choose a diet that gives your body all the nutrients and energy you need, and don’t train too intensely every day, 75 HARD™ is not bad for you. As I said, it only becomes dangerous if you approach it in a dangerous way. 

I hope this article gave you more clarity on 75 HARD™, and I hope that you take on the challenge for yourself. Show yourself what you’re made of. Show yourself how disciplined and mentally tough you can become.

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