So My Husband Is A Carnivore: How Things Have Changed In Our Household

So My Husband Is A Carnivore How Things Have Changed In Our Household

Don’t get my wrong, I love my husband. I absolutely adore him. He is incredibly smart, we have a lot of fun together, and he shows me how much he loves me every day. But… 

He is not like most people. He is the most disciplined and logical man I have ever met in my life. Jonathan basically remembers everything, which can make arguments challenging, especially since I tend to forget a lot of things. My theory is that there is too much knowledge stored in my brain and there is not enough space for everything. 

Anyways, back to Jonathan. The man is stubborn as hell and if he decides to do something, nobody can convince him otherwise. 

(I promise I will get to him being a carnivore soon.)

When we met, he was eating a lot of sugar and processed foods. Although he was the fittest guy I had ever met, his diet kinda sucked. 

I, on the other hand, have always been obsessed with health and wellness, and I especially love focussing on diet. And so, I started teaching him more about nutrition and he eventually quit sugar, then trans fats, gluten, etc. 

Everything was going well. He started doing his own research and my dream of marrying someone who was just as passionate about health became my reality. Our diet for the past few years can mostly be described as primal. 

We like to eat real food. 

And then, we learned about the carnivore diet. Jonathan became hooked. We first did it for a month after we got married, but it wasn’t exactly a nose-to-tail carnivore diet. We just ate meat, salt, and water. 

It was cool, but I was very happy when I could add dark chocolate and nuts back into my diet. Part of me knew that even though Jonathan started eating plant foods again, it was only temporary. 

Then the next year, he waited until he went away for work for a month, and did the carnivore diet for another month. I knew his permanent switch was pending. 

Ever since he discovered Paul Saladino, his excitement for the carnivore diet has grown. We listen to a lot of podcasts about the carnivore diet and how plants can be harmful to your health. 

“F**ck” is not a curse word in my house, “oxalate” is. 

The orthorexic part of my brain has started feeling guilty when eating almond butter. Why? Because of oxalates! 

I am all for the carnivore diet. I think it is cool. I will write about it. And my diet is basically 80% animal-based. I am carnivore-ish. 

One of my biggest passions in life is making healthy desserts. I am happiest when I bake. You can do some baking on the carnivore diet, but it is hard, and the only carnivore sweetener I have been able to use is honey, but I am trying not to have a lot sugar. 

Because I have been experimenting with making animal-based desserts, I have been eating honey for the last few months. I made cheesecake, pancakes, ice cream, meringue, and panna cotta using only animal-based ingredients. It’s been fun. 

These are cool, but I don’t want to live without my dark chocolate or nut butter fudge. 

Memento mori. Remember you are going to die. Jonathan and I are both motivated by this concept. But we look at it a little differently. 

His version: “Life is short, I have wasted too much time eating these plant foods that do not serve me.”

My version: “Life is short, I don’t want to live without my healthy desserts.”

In fact, I just self-published a book about healthy desserts called: “The Dessert Diet Club”, and have just started my healthy dessert blog. Imagine that? 

After years of wanting to, you finally make your dessert blog and write an entire book about healthy desserts, but then immediately after, your husband decides to become a full carnivore and starts pointing at the ingredients you like to use when baking and says things like: “I can’t believe people think that is healthy.” 

Jonathan did a vegan challenge in February, hated it, was Carnivore-ish in March, and is now officially full carnivore in April. 

I, on the other hand, have decided to keep living my rebellious life and embrace my love for healthy desserts. More dessert for me. 

As I said, I fully support the carnivore diet and think it is a great idea, but I do not want to be a full carnivore. 

And so, I will once again listen to the audiobook of Mark Manson’s: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, and teach myself how to care less about what other people think of the way I am eating. 

I am excited for Jonathan because I know this is how he wants to eat and I love experimenting with carnivore recipes, but after I eat my steak, you know I am having some keto brownies or something like that. And when I go to my grandmother’s house, I will eat whatever she is making, because life simply is too short.