Self-Optimization – I Finished A 90-Day Blog Post Challenge

Self-Optimization – I Finished A 90-Day Blog Post Challenge

I set out to do a challenge for myself as part of my journey to self-optimization, where I would write and publish a blog post every day for 90 days. This was a bit of an impulsive decision, which I made just before I had an operation three months ago. Feeling frustrated about the fact that I would not be able to exercise for around two months, I wanted something to distract me and that would make me feel like I was moving forward on my self-optimization journey.

The fact that I have also sabotaged every diet I went on in the past and have not lost my last bit of belly fat also left me in need of a win. I knew that I would feel proud, and so, I started the challenge without questioning it.

I am not going to lie, writing 90 blog posts for this blog has been quite a challenge. Nobody said that self-optimization was easy. There were late nights and early mornings involved, I had to negotiate with myself at times, and promised to buy myself a big slab of dark chocolate when it was all over. I am busy eating it as we speak. Delayed gratification is not my best quality. I could not wait until this article was published before indulging.

It is important to acknowledge and celebrate your victories, even if it is just the fact that you gave up snacking for a week. This is not something that I have really done much of in the past. As soon as I achieved something that was on my list of self-optimization goals, I would just move on to the next goal as if what I had done was nothing.

I really like this quote by Alek Wek:

“The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don’t celebrate those, they can pass you by.”

This 90-day blog post challenge was also an opportunity for me to practice becoming a better writer. One day, I would like to be a book author. If you do the math, the average blog post during this 90-day challenge was around 1000 words, so that is 90 000 words written for this challenge. If I could finish this challenge, then there is no doubt in my mind that I can write a book.

I could write a book if I just wrote 1000 words every day for three months and then used the next three to nine months editing and perfecting it. After doing research, I have estimated that it should take about a year for me to be able to make something remarkable.

For me, becoming superhuman is not only about health, but about performing like a superhuman mentally and while doing things like writing as well. My blogs are my creative projects. Growing up, we saw my mom continuously make works of art through all sorts of mediums, such as painting, restoring furniture, doing mosaic, etc.

My way of being creative was to write, and my biggest dream was to create an online magazine. I realised that just like my mom made her house a beautiful place to be with one creative project at a time, I started seeing the websites I want to make, the books I want to write, and the online magazine I plan on building (all centred around health, of course) as creative projects that each consist of smaller creative projects.

A 90-day blog post challenge, where you write about health and self-optimization may sound boring, but I actually had a lot of fun with it. I feel like my writing skills have improved, and coming up with a blog post idea every day forced me to be more creative.

I am excited to see by how much my writing skills (one of my self-optimization goals) will improve over the next 90 blog posts, but I am afraid that after this week, I will return to a more manageable goal of publishing one or two blog posts a week on this blog.

The main reason for this is so that I can focus on writing my first book and a few other creative projects. Although, I am so used to having to write that much every day that it will feel weird to no longer have to do it anymore.

Is it weird that I am a little sad and anxious that it is ending? I suppose hitting the publish button every day provided me with a sense of gratification and made me feel like I was making a lot of progress with this blog and my goal of self-optimization.

But still, I can take advantage of this moment and continue with my new habit of writing as much as possible with the book that I am working on. When you are aiming for self-optimization, setting challenges for yourself can help motivate you to push yourself, even if you have to bribe yourself with dark chocolate.

I am happy that I did this challenge, and I look forward to all of the creative projects I will take on in the future and creating ways of teaching people how they can also live healthier lives.