Refusing To Feel Bad About My Weight Gain.

Refusing To Feel Bad About My Weight Gain

Gaining weight is normal. It happens to a lot of people. I have gained weight over the last few weeks and I refuse to feel bad about it. I do want to lose some fat, but I don’t need to be hard on myself just because I have some extra padding around my middle. Were all the extra servings of cheese and dark chocolate delicious? Yes. Could I have eaten less of it? Also yes, I guess.

I gained weight last year, and so what? I gained weight eating healthy foods like meat, fruit, avocados and dark chocolate, so at least I know my body has received an abundance of nutrients.

I will slowly adjust my diet and lifestyle in order to support weight loss and to undo my fat gain over the next few weeks. It is important for me to take things slowly and to not stress my body too much by trying to restrict my calories too much, being too strict on my diet, exercising too much, working too much, etc.

I’ve been burnt in the past by doing this and ended up losing my period because I was trying to do too much. It disappeared for a year and a half and only returned seven months ago. I’m so excited that my period came back. Even though I gained weight, I feel very good about my health and how much it has improved.

Who Cares if I Gained a Little?

Who cares if there is a little extra padding around my midsection? For the first time in a long time, I feel there is a possibility that I could have a baby one day. That’s pretty cool.

I am excited for my clothes to fit a little better again and to feel more comfortable when wearing them, but I am happy overall. I am fairly happy with my body. Being happy with where my body is now doesn’t mean I don’t want to become healthier and change my body composition a bit.

One thing I have learned is that everyone has their insecurities. A lot of people gained weight in 2020. And that’s okay. It was a rough year for us all. What matters most is what we do going forward and that we take steps to improve our health and wellness.

And that’s what I am doing. I have started exercising consistently and I am really enjoying my animal-based diet. Portion control is something I am working on, but other than that, I am quite proud of how I have been eating over the last few months. I am excited to see how much healthier I can become this year.

Weight is Just a Number

While I am at a heavier weight currently, I am not going to feel bad about my weight, because honestly, weight doesn’t matter that much. In fact, if I gain as much muscle mass as I would like to, my weight could be exactly the same as it is now by this time next year. I would rather be heavier but have a big butt than to weigh less but have a smaller butt… just saying.

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