Pressure Cooker/Instant Pot Brisket Cooked in Bone Broth | The Carnivore Cooking Show | Episode #1

Pressure Cooker desserts

Welcome to The Carnivore Cooking Show! This is the first-ever episode of my healthy cooking show where I share carnivore diet recipes. Personally, I am following a carnivore-ish diet and my husband, Jonathan, is full carnivore currently. The reason why I am eating a mostly animal-based diet currently is to help me with weight loss, lowering inflammation, improving my skin, and balancing my hormones. Jonathan and I both like experimenting with our diets and fell in love with primal cooking and the primal way of eating years ago. I love experimenting with different recipes, and switching to a carnivore/keto/primal diet has given me the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and learn how to cook meat properly. This is how I cook grass-fed beef brisket in bone broth in my pressure cooker/instant pot. I am going to share more carnivore diet recipes each week. The future looks delicious!

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