Optimal Health An Important Part of Becoming Superhuman & Self-Optimization

Optimal Health: An Important Part of Becoming Superhuman & Self-Optimization

Even though this blog is about self-optimization and becoming superhuman, optimal health is still one of the main focusses. Achieving optimal health means improving your wellbeing in all aspects. Optimal health is a big part of self-optimization, and therefore, self-optimization can only be achieved when we focus on all areas that contribute to our wellbeing.

Self-Awareness and The Journey to Becoming Superhuman

The great thing about focusing on optimal health and self-optimization is that you can make your own rules, because ultimately, it is about becoming the superhuman version of you. You must choose the practices and habits that will contribute to your personal wellbeing and get you closer to self-optimization.

Realising what is ideal for you and your body requires self-awareness. For optimal health, you must follow your intuition, and learn how to listen to what is best for you. You have to be awake and present enough to recognise what you need. Aim to be in a constant process of increased awareness. This is essential for self-optimization and becoming superhuman. Become aware of how your choices can lead you towards a healthy and happy life.

Health starts in your mind. It takes time and awareness to get to the point where you feel your best, you feel healthy, and you can take on anything.

Optimal Mental Health & Becoming Superhuman

You can be physically fit and unstoppable, but if you are emotionally unbalanced and insecure, for example, then you cannot reach the point of total self-optimization.

Mental wellbeing is a huge part of the optimal health puzzle, and that is why in this blog, we talk about optimal health aspects, such as managing stress and anxiety, exercise, and eating to improve your mental state. You cannot achieve self-optimization if you do not focus on all aspects of your health, including your mental state.

Have you ever seen on weight-loss shows that people hit a weight-loss plateau, where they stop losing weight or worse, gain again, and they are actually struggling to lose weight because they have experienced some sort of emotional trauma, but then they finally let go of their emotions, and the weight suddenly starts falling off?

Now, I have seen a lot of weight loss shows, and one thing that I have learned is that your emotional state has a big effect on your health. Dealing with emotional issues that have been holding you back frees you up for transformation.

Take care of your mental health, pay attention to what goes on in your mind, and do some introspection from time to time. Introspection is an important part of self-optimization. It is good to take the time to observe how you react to things, and why you do things in a certain way. Introspective thinking can help you identify self-sabotaging patterns, stop negative behaviours, and help you get on the right path for you.

Create Your Ideal Lifestyle and Life to Become Your Superhuman Self

You are the artist of your own life. You can use the colours you want, and use them in a way that will create the most incredible image, one you have imagined for yourself. The ultimate benefit of aiming for optimal health is being able to enjoy an extraordinary life where you can be your healthiest and most balanced self, and it is up to you to fill your canvas with things that will bring you just that.

That is why, on this blog, we merely give suggestions for certain foods, exercises, and optimal health practices that can benefit you, but you have the freedom to select what you wish to apply to your own life and to ignore the guidelines that you do not want to follow. Everything is optional. You are in control.

Get the most amount of pleasure in life through various ways, such as socialising with friends, through movement, reading, and by eating delicious food, but remember to always take care of your health and wellbeing at the same time. Living like this will help you live well now, while setting you up for a longer and happier life.

Optimal Health and Becoming Superhuman Starts with Diet

Optimal health also means eating food that is nourishing to your body. As every person’s body is different, it can take some time to find what way of eating and which foods are better for you. It helps to read optimal health blogs or books, so you can gather enough knowledge to help you make informed decisions about your own health. You will know you have found the right diet when you feel energised, when you reach a healthy weight, when your skin looks healthy, and when you have found a way of eating that is sustainable.

Only you will know what kind of diet is best for you, but many of us have become so detached from our bodies that we cannot always listen to the signals they give. When you are mindful and intuitive, you will start to figure out the diet that is best for you. How will you know what is best?

You will want the diet that is best for you and naturally be drawn to it. You will have more energy, and will not have negative reactions from the food you are eating.  And that does not mean a diet where you eat candy and processed foods. I am talking about diet structure. Health still comes first. If you take a break from bad foods, at some point, you should stop wanting it. You start to decondition yourself.

If you want to become superhuman, you now know that you should start by focusing on optimizing all aspects of your health and wellbeing. This will help your body to perform optimally, so you can take on the tasks that make you feel like a superhuman with ease. When your mind and your body are both functioning optimally, you will be unstoppable in your other goals.

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