My Fasting Mimicking Diet Diary A Biohacing experiment

My Fasting Mimicking Diet Diary: A Biohacking Experiment

This round was easier than the last few rounds of doing the fasting mimicking diet as a biohacking experiment, which I have been doing once a month for the past five months. The goal is to do it every month for a year to improve my overall health and find the right biohacking strategy for me, but my main focus when doing the fasting mimicking diet is losing my belly fat.

The idea of me looking great in a crop top is currently far more motivating than my improving my overall health with diet and biohacking, and I am a little embarrassed about how vain I am, but oh well. It works.

If this is the first time that you are reading about the fasting mimicking diet, what you basically need to know is that it is a calorie restriction diet invented by Valter Longo, pH.D where you eat 800 calories a day for five days.

His version of the fasting mimicking diet is low in protein, but contains a bigger percentage of carbohydrates. I did try to follow the suggested macronutrient ratio of….., but my experience was terrible.

I experienced extreme blood sugar crashes and felt weak and shaky, which is partly because when you eat more carbohydrates, you do experience more blood sugar fluctuations, and also because my body was not fat adapted and probably could not burn my fat as quickly for energy.

Before I went on this round of the fasting mimicking diet, I went on a low-carb diet that was high in fat, so a ketogenic diet, but not a strict one though. My protein intake was higher on some days.

I do believe that doing this helped greatly. Here is my diary of my fifth round of the fasting mimicking diet. 

Enthusiastic as always (I just love biohacking and self-experimentation), I started the fasting mimicking diet with a naive hope that only eating 800 calories would be easy. It wasn’t too hard, but I wouldn’t say it was super easy. 

I was prepared, however, and made myself a soup with bone broth and vegetables, and ate low-carb rusks (basically double-baked biscuits), as well as some dark chocolate that I made myself for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

When doing the fasting mimicking diet in the past, I tried to eat two, 400-calorie meals, but the long windows between meals made me feel like I was fasting half the time, which only added to the suffering of me having to restrict my calories. 

This time, I basically aimed to eat 250 calories at every meal. This was muuuch better. Because I added a lot of water to my soup, I could have quite a bit of soup and felt like I had a large meal, and then I had a rusk and a dark chocolate truffle after. The fibre helped me feel full as well, as the rusks contain quite a bit of coconut flour. Talk about biohacking your meals. 

I basically ate the same meal for five days, although on one day, I did reduce my calories at breakfast and lunch (basically just added more water to my soup and cut out the rusk), but only because I had dinner at my mom’s house and knew that I was going to eat around 400 calories of whatever she cooked (my mom understands portion control). 

I must admit that even though I expected to have lost more fat by now with doing the fasting mimicking diet five times already, but every time I do it, I feel better afterwards and do see a difference. Next year in April, when I finish my twelfth round, I know I will feel like a biohacking champion. 

Confidence comes from keeping the promises you make to yourself, and this is something I really want to prove to myself that I can do along my biohacking journey. So far, so good.

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