Marilyn Monroe Followed an Animal-Based Diet

Marilyn Monroe Followed an Animal-Based Diet

Marilyn Monroe was on an animal-based diet. The legendary actress and arguably the sexiest woman who ever lived ate a lot of animal foods and most of the plant foods she ate are quite low in plant toxins. 

Some have referred to her diet as strange, while I think it was rather brilliant and better than at least 95% of the diets Hollywood stars have confessed to following over the years. Marilyn Monroe had it right when it comes to dieting.

What is An Animal-Based Diet? 

What is an animal-based diet exactly? It’s a diet that mostly consists of animal foods like meat, organ meats, seafood, eggs, and dairy products, and includes some plant foods, which are usually low on the plant toxicity spectrum. Fruits like sweet fruits, avocado, squash, and cucumbers are much lower in plant toxins and are fine for many to include on an animal-based diet. 

What Did Marilyn Monroe Eat In a Day? 

I’ve wanted to be as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe ever since I was a little girl and to have her glowing skin. Maybe the secret was in her diet. According to an interview Marilyn did for an article called “How I Stay in Shape” for the September 1952 edition of Pageant Magazine, here is what the star’s typical diet looked like:


For breakfast, she typically has a glass of warm milk with two raw eggs stirred in. If she ate fruit, she would eat stewed fruit.

In the book, The Bombshell Manual of Style, Laren Stover claims that when Marilyn wanted to lose weight, she would start her days with stewed prunes or orange juice. 


Stover also wrote that Marilyn Monroe often ate boiled noodles (half a cup) soaked in milk. I’m not the biggest fan of the noodle part of her meal, but the point is that she prioritised animal foods. 


Instead of going to restaurants, Marilyn typically opted for lamb chops, steak, or liver that she would get from a market and cook in an electric oven. She would also eat 4 to 5 raw carrots at night. 

She was definitely a fan of nutrient-dense organ meats. After her death, a collection of recipes, poems, and notes were discovered, in which there was a recipe for turkey heart stuffing.

As you can see, she followed a high-protein diet that mainly centred around high-protein animal foods, with the addition of fruit. She did admit to having the occasional ice cream sundae, but overall, her diet centred around animal foods and plants that are low on the plant toxicity scale. 

As you can see, Marilyn Monroe included a lot of animal foods in her daily diet like eggs, milk, organ meats, and red meat. She ate a lot of fruit and when she had vegetables, it was mostly carrots, which are also lower on the plant toxicity scale. 

And that ice cream sundae she had was probably made with whole milk and maybe even egg yolks, the way real ice cream is supposed to be made, if you consider the time she lived in. Sure, there was added sugar, but an animal-based diet doesn’t necessarily mean a sugar-free diet. It just means that you’re animal-based. And Marilyn Monroe was definitely on an animal-based diet. 

Her diet was very low in toxic plant foods like leafy greens, nuts, seeds, legumes, and foods high in polyunsaturated fat. 

In terms of exercise, she apparently was a fan of weightlifting and resistance training.

How I Naturally Started Eating More Like Marilyn Monroe 

Like Marilyn, I too mostly eat red meat and fruit, but over the past 6 years, I have eliminated most plant foods from my diet like grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, leafy green vegetables, nightshades, etc. 

I didn’t do this to try and eat like Marilyn Monroe, but as I was trying to improve my health over the years and experimented to see which foods didn’t agree with me, my path eventually led me to an animal-based diet. 

My main sources of protein are liver, grass-fed beef, lamb, and eggs. Like Marilyn! I love having stewed fruit for breakfast and do it often, and I generally love fruit. 

After I had already been animal-based for a few months, I read an article about what Marilyn Monroe used to eat and realised how similar our diets were. How cool is that? 

I eat like the woman who has captivated me ever since I was a child because she was so damn beautiful and sensual. Her gorgeous, glowing skin makes sense if you consider the fact that she had such a nutrient-dense diet and ate liver, egg yolks, and red meat on a regular basis. 

Whenever I don’t feel like eating liver, I think of Marilyn Monroe’s skin and I suddenly feel motivated to do so. I still want to do a challenge where I follow her specific diet, although I’ll definitely skip the noodles. 

How You Can Eat Like Marilyn Monroe

It’s easy to start eating more like Marilyn Monroe. Start eating more animal foods. Put eggs, beef, and lamb on your shopping list, and don’t forget the organ meats. Eat your raw carrots, which I’ve been doing to help my body eliminate excess estrogen. 

You can have fruit if you want. You can have some fruit every day or only eat it occasionally. It’s up to you. Marilyn allowed herself to indulge in some stewed fruit – a delicious treat I also love having as part of my diet. 

I think most people will benefit from eating more like Marilyn Monroe. Skip the plant-based diet that so many “so-called” health experts say is optimal and go for an animal-based diet instead. Animal foods are far superior, and perhaps Marilyn Monroe knew it back in the day. 







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