Interview with Lady Carnivory: Health Coach and Carnivore Recipe Developer

Guess what?! I got the exciting opportunity to interview Lady Carnivory for The Hart of Health. If you’re new to the carnivore community and don’t know her yet, Lacie is an ex vegetarian turned carnivore. She’s a health coach and recipe developer whose Instagram feed proves that a carnivore diet doesn’t have to be boring.

Here is my interview with Lady Carnivory:

What First Drew You To The Carnivore Diet?

Initially,  I was drawn to the simplicity. After years of trying to make keto work and being frustrated with the amount of preparation required to make it work for my lifestyle, I found the draw of only having to cook meat very appealing.

What Was Your Diet And Lifestyle Like Before You Started An Animal-based Diet?

Prior to starting an animal-based lifestyle, I had tried many other ways of eating. I tried vegetarianism, standard American diet, low-fat, Whole 30, and paleo. I always wanted to be a fit and active person, but found it difficult to meet my fitness goals due to joint pain caused by inflammation and debilitating OCD. 

What Are Some Of The Benefits You’ve Personally Noticed After Going Carnivore?

After becoming a carnivore, I noticed a reduction in inflammation pretty immediately. I think anyone who has suffered from chronic pain can relate to sticking to anything that provides relief. I am glad I did. With time, I experienced elimination of my OCD behaviours, total relief from my joint pain, healed skin after years of cystic acne and improved blood work prior to being a carnivore, I had been diagnosed as pre-diabetic!

What Is The Most Surprising Thing You’ve Learned About Food Since Discovering The Carnivore Diet?

The most surprising thing I have learned about food since discovering carnivory is how much it could feel like freedom! As someone who had struggled with restricting and purging behaviours in the past, I always felt a huge burden every time I sat down to eat. Now I eat highly nutritious foods that contribute to my health and make me feel amazing. I no longer feel the guilt or shame I used to associate with mealtimes and that feels like freedom to me!

If You Told Your Younger Self That One Day, You’d Be Carnivore, What Do You Think She Would Say And What Would You Want To Say To Her?

Ha! As an ex-vegetarian, I would have been incredulous at myself. Not eating animals was such a big part of my identity back then. I have always found that it is much easier to convince people to try carnivore by living as an example of what an animal-based approach to nutrition can do in their lives. I think if my younger self saw how I am thriving now, she would be intrigued, and perhaps convinced, that there is very little to lose in giving this way of eating a shot!

What Is Your Workout Programme Typically Like? Have You Noticed A Change In Your Physical Performance Since Going Carnivore?

When I first started going carnivore, I did notice an initial dip in my performance at the gym. I felt fatigued mid-way through my workout. At the time, I was lifting weights 3-5 times per week. Now that I have adapted to a carnivore diet, I have boundless energy I go for twice-daily walks, lift weights 5-6 days per week, and practice yoga 2-3 days per week. It is incredible to not experience joint pain and I consider exercise and activity a celebration of what my body is capable of!

How Would You Describe Your Current Mindset When It Comes To Health And Wellness?

For me, being a carnivore is way more than a diet, it is my lifestyle. If I believe our ancestors ate mammoths, then I have to believe they hunted them somehow. I think it is so important to have an active lifestyle, to spend time in the sun, to feed my body nutritious foods, and to practice spirituality daily.

What Is Your Next Big Diet And Fitness Goal?

My next big diet and fitness goal is rapidly approaching! In October of 2020, I made a goal to compete in a fitness competition in the summer of 2021. Being a bikini competitor was a long-term dream of mine, and one I finally felt ready to achieve after gaining mental clarity and physical fitness through an animal-based diet. My show is on July 31st and I cannot wait to step on stage!

What’s Your Favourite Carnivore Recipe You’ve Tried?

Choosing a favourite carnivore recipe feels like choosing a favourite child. Currently, I am obsessed with fluffy cloud-baked eggs and meatzza (please don’t ask me how many times I have had them this week). However, my ride or die, BAE, forever-love has to be slutty eggs

Do You Have Any Advice For New Carnivores/Animal-based Eaters About How To Cook Meat? 

My biggest piece of advice when it comes to carnivore cooking is to keep it simple! I tend to overwhelm myself trying to cook elaborate carnivore recipes when truly, what makes me feel my best, is a steak quickly seared in butter. Don’t feel pressure to keep up with what anyone else is doing. Cook the meat you like, can afford, and makes you feel your best the rest is clutter! 

*JH: Thank you so much Jacie for agreeing to do the interview and sharing your knowledge with the readers of The Hart of Health. We really are committed to sharing information about animal-based eating and the stories of those who have changed their own lives by adopting a carnivore/animal-based diet.

You can find Lady Carnivory on Instagram (@ladycarnivory) and on her website www.ladycarnivory.com.

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