I Just Did My First Pull Up

I Just Did My First Pull Up

I just did something I thought would take me more than a year to accomplish – I did my first pull up. That’s right, I’m officially Wonderwoman.

I had it all planned out. I was going to slowly build up my strength over the next year until I could do a pull up or three. But, a month into my pull up training, I did it. It didn’t take a year, it took a month… a month.

I was preparing to start my pull up training workout today and thought: “let me just see how far away I am from my goal”.

And then I did it… I did my first pull up. I’m trying to build the upper body strength to start learning how to do pole gymnastics (more commonly known as pole dancing, but I think those girls are as impressive as the top gymnasts).

Dreams do come true. The excitement is real.

I’ve always looked at videos of other women doing pull ups, climbing ropes, or swinging around a pole, and wished I could be as strong as they are. This dream used to seem quite out of reach, but now, it feels highly possible.

I can do it.

I’ve been playing around with the idea of “why not me?”. There might be something you would love to achieve, but you feel like you can’t. Why not just try. You just might surprise yourself and accomplish something like doing a pull up after just a month of training.

How Did I Train to Do a Pull Up?

I started trying to build up the strength to do a pull up by doing things like countertop push ups, push ups, and pull ups while hanging from our dining room table and keeping my feet on the floor for a little stability.

Then I progressed to the intimidating rings my husband put up outside. I started by hanging for as long as I could and then started to work on trying to hold myself up on the rings by standing on a chair, then jumping up, so my head was above the bottom of the rings and my arms fully bent.

When I couldn’t stay in that position anymore, I started to slowly lower my body down.

It only took a few weeks of doing this regularly before I did a pull up – my very first pull up.

I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see what my body is capable of in the future if I keep training.

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