How to Return to a Healthy Lifestyle After Going on Holiday

How to Return to a Healthy Lifestyle After Going on Holiday

Going on holiday is an opportunity to relax, have fun, and indulge a little. But what often ends up happening is that you go home carrying excess weight, and not only in your luggage. The extra holiday kilos can end up staying around until the next holiday comes.

If you plan your return to a good diet and fitness routine strategically, then you should be able to bounce back rather quickly. Of course, it all depends on how much you indulged over the holidays.

If you did not really gain weight, but feel crappy after all of the junk food, desserts, and cocktails and just want to feel like your old, healthy self, then it may only take a week or two to get it out of your system and get back on track.

But if you gained 5 kg, which I have done during a two-week holiday, it could take longer, depending on how hard you work, your stress levels, etc.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to return to a healthy lifestyle after being on holiday:

Catch Up on Some Sleep

Chances are that you may have had some sleepless nights while flying, after late dinners, or when out partying, which is why it is a good idea to schedule in some time to get extra sleep after you return back home.

If you can, do not set an alarm for a few days, so you can sleep in, and try to go to bed a little earlier as well. And what adult does not want to take a few naps?

Drink Enough Water and/or Herbal Tea

You could be hydrated from drinking alcohol on the trip, being in a warmer climate where you perspired a lot, or travelling via aeroplane. Being conscious of how much water or herbal tea, as well as fruits and vegetables that have high water contents (such as cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, blueberries, and strawberries) that you are consuming can help you a lot when trying to return to an optimal state of wellness after a holiday and help your cells become well hydrated.

Coffee and green tea both contain caffeine, which can be dehydrating, but caffeine-free herbal teas are still hydrating teas. If you want to drink coffee or green tea, then drink a few glasses of water for every cup of coffee or green tea that you consume.

Cut Out Processed Foods and Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

You can choose whether you want to be on a low-carb, mediterranean, vegan, keto, primal, paleo, or whatever type of diet, but one thing is certain, and that is that a healthy diet should be low in processed foods and should not be high in sugar.

On holiday, we are more likely to indulge in these foods, so when returning home, reduce your intake of these significantly.

Ease Into It and Allow Your Body to Recover

You do not have to cut out all processed foods and start a strict workout programme immediately. Take it slowly, and just make one or two changes at a time. Perhaps start with sugar and processed foods while taking a few days to allow your body to recover from the trip (especially after an international flight).

Perhaps after three days or a week, you can return to your exercise routine.

Have a Plan of Action for The Post-Holiday Blues

It can suck to go back home after the holidays, so do a few things that are fun and remind you of being on holiday like cooking an interesting meal from a different country (but that is made from whole ingredients). You could also book a massage at a spa or go and eat a healthy meal at a restaurant.

The last thing you may want to do is cook a healthy meal. Also, find a way to spend some time in the sun, as sunlight exposure can help promote vitamin D production in the body. Vitamin D helps with serotonin production, which is necessary for mood regulation.

Sunlight exposure can, therefore, help relieve any anxiety related to having to go back to work or reduce depressed feelings when sitting behind your desk and not on a beach.

Get Back To Your Old Routines and Perhaps Upgrade Them

Your body should be able to bounce back quickly if you return to the old, healthy habits you had before, and you can also see it as an opportunity to improve them.

I like to see a holiday as a reset button. It is a chance to live differently for a week or two and to examine which habits I enjoy and want to continue doing and which just suck and I do not want to do anymore.

Everything is optional. You have to approach wellness in a way that works for you and with your lifestyle.

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