How to Lose Weight with a Healthy and Indulgent Dessert Diet

How to Lose Weight with a Healthy and Indulgent Dessert Diet

I am in a position where I need to lose weight in order to improve my health, and my one requirement for my diet to lose weight is that it needs to be filled with indulgent desserts. I have figured out how to make it healthy, and usually have dessert three times a day.

I have observed many different diets aimed at helping you lose weight in my life, but the one that frustrates me the most is the standard boring diet plan consisting of protein shakes, chicken breasts, brown rice, sweet potato, and broccoli. The diet plan is quite boring, and they often eat the same foods for several meals a day.

Trying to lose weight alone can be challenging enough. You can look just as good on an indulgent diet while you are eating chicken wings and chocolate brownies for dessert if you choose your ingredients well and keep your sugar intake low. Reducing sugar consumption is especially important if you struggle with fat around the belly, which is worsened by insulin spikes due to elevated glucose levels.

The days of having to following a boring low-fat diet plan without dessert when trying to lose weight are long gone. In fact, rather choosing to eat an indulgent, high-fat diet can actually help train your body to burn fat, while helping you to build muscle. More muscle will help increase weight loss over time, as having more muscle will result in a higher basal metabolic rate, which is the amount of calories that you burn a day at rest.

Choose high-fat cuts of meat instead of lean meat, add some butter to your pancakes, and make your coffee a little more indulgent by adding cream if you wish. Obviously, you still need to be aware of your calorie intake and possibly your macronutrient ratios if you want to lose weight. I find that getting at least 60% of my calories from fat or more in my diet has been incredible for helping me lose weight, and it is also very satiating.

When I am trying to gain muscle, for example, I stick to eating around 60% fat, 30% protein, and 10% carbs. That way, I still manage to get at least 1g of protein per kg of body weight, and I can still eat an indulgent diet with over 100g of fat. When I want to lose weight, on the other hand, I increase my fat intake to 70%, and stick to roughly 20% protein and 10% carbs. I still eat enough protein to maintain my muscle mass while trying to lose fat. 

I am currently trying to lose the last bit of weight, and I have figured out how to do it in an indulgent way.

Adding more fat to your diet liberates you from feeling deprived. I love desserts, and thanks to Pinterest, I have found a lot of healthy, low-carb, high-fat dessert recipes that make consuming fat even more delicious.

Following a boring, restrictive diet plan, where I can’t have something sweet and indulgent is not how I want to live my life. Life really is too short. Plus, why not have fun with your diet while you are aiming for fat loss or muscle gain. 

Fat is your friend, and you can make the most incredible desserts that will provide you with the fat you need to reap the benefits. I have lost weight at times where I would eat protein and fat-rich desserts with every meal, which was when I lost the most weight. That might sound extreme, but I wanted to prove that it was possible to do it without suffering, and to lose weight on an indulgent diet. You do not have to follow a boring diet plan to be healthy.

You can look incredible eating a dessert-rich diet, and without settling for plain chicken breasts. Once you can make that mindset switch, you can start looking forward to eating healthily, and working towards an optimised body. Life is too short to skip out on indulgences, but if we do it cleverly and figure out how to indulge healthily, we can still achieve our physical goals. 

The important thing is to cut out processed food as much as possible.

If you eat a lot of junk food, feed your body processed foods like sugary cereals, margarine, candy bars, and instant noodles, then you are not eating food, what you are eating are imitations of food. You are eating food-like products. If your ancestors would not recognise it as food, then you are probably not eating food.

Food is meant to nourish your body. Every time you eat, you are supposed to be giving your body nourishment and fuelling it to do what you want it to do. Your body requires certain nutrients to help it function optimally and be healthy, but by choosing to eat fake foods instead of whole foods, you are denying your body of the necessary fuel it needs. Your body depends on what you eat.

We are malnourished, and malnutrition leads to depression, fertility issues, chronic fatigue, hair loss, organ damage, etc.

How can we expect our bodies to be healthy and function at their bests or lose weight if we deny them proper nourishment? Your body makes and maintain cells with what you eat. What you eat becomes you. You can literally choose the building blocks of your own body. I firmly believe that you are what you eat. You are worth more than a body, powered by junk food.

You deserve good health and a healthy dessert after dinner, but give your body indulgent desserts that are made with the healthy ingredients that it deserves. Figure out how to make healthy versions of your favourite foods, so you can indulge and eat food that tastes delicious while you lose weight.

It just takes time to figure out how to eat in a way that is satisfying to you, and how to still enjoy your favourite desserts in a healthy way.