How to Google Your Way to Health and Fitness

How to Google Your Way to Health and Fitness

Google has been my gateway to the knowledge I crave when it comes to health. Most of the things I know, I learnt by relying on Google. We rely on Google quite often. A simple Google search can help you learn something that can change the course of your wellness journey and by utilising some of the great products that Google has provided, you can make being healthy even easier.

I have always loved Google, but I never realised just how much easier using the products would make certain things that I have been struggling with for years. Here is how you can use Google to help you improve your health and fitness:

Start with Google Tasks

Use Google Tasks to make a list of the things you want to do that will help you get closer to your healthiest self. When setting out a plan, you can make a list on Google Tasks and then feel the satisfaction of ticking them off one at a time.

You can make a list of workouts and workout classes that you want to take. Then, as you do them, you can tick them off one at a time.

You can even list experiences that you want to have along your fitness journey, like finally trying an aerial yoga class or going rock climbing. Having them listed in your Google Tasks can help you stay motivated, as you will be reminded of the things you would like to be able to do.

Use Google Calendar to Track Your Habits and Goals

In James Clear’s book called “Atomic Habits”, he explains that feeling rewarded can almost instantly help you stick to a goal, and he suggests that using a habit tracker and ticking off your goals every day can help you feel that instant gratification that we all crave.

I tried to use a habit tracker that I put in my diary, but forgot to use it on most days. It is incredibly difficult for me to stay organised, so having everything in one place makes it a lot easier.

The cool thing about Google Calendar is that I can tick things off on my phone or on my computer without having to transfer files.

I did not realise how cool Google Calendar actually is until recently. It gives you a variety of options to track goals that you want to achieve. You can choose the goal, you can choose how many days a week you want do it, and for how long you want to do it. Google will determine which times work for you, and it will remind you to do the things you want to do.

If you achieve your health and fitness goal of the day, you can tick it off, and Google will tell you how many days in a week you actually did it, thereby helping to keep you accountable.

Search for the Answers About Health and Fitness

If you are wondering what the nutritional value of a certain food is, you can just type the name, followed by the words “calories” or “nutrition”, and you will be able to see how many calories it contains, and the amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat it has, as well as some information about the vitamin and mineral content.

Use Search to help educate yourself about health. If you have any questions, you can use Google to help you do research and find what you are looking for. Search gives you access to all of the information you need.

Use Maps Along Your Journey

Use maps to find the closest gym, yoga studio, dance studio, soccer club, hiking trail, etc. Whatever exercise or physical activity you want to try or start doing regularly, Google can help you find a place where you can do so.

You can also use maps to find places where you can buy healthy food.

Bring Fitness to You with YouTube

Use YouTube to find educational videos about health and fitness, and also to find instructional workouts. You no longer have to buy a workout DVD or go to the gym to do a workout class. YouTube has thousands of instructional videos, so you can find a type of workout that you actually enjoy. YouTube makes it easy to do a fitness class in your living room, which means that you do not really have an excuse to not exercise.

Have Hangouts with Friends

Get a fitness buddy to keep you accountable and when in need, just before you reach for the ice cream in the freezer, you can opt for emotional support instead and contact a friend through Hangouts. You can sip on a cup of coffee or tea instead, while talking to a friend face to face, even when they are on the other side of the world.

And, if the cravings at work are getting too much for you, you can complain to a friend or colleague who understands what you are going through on Hangouts by typing them a quick message.

Let Google Play Be a Gateway

Use Google Play to download a meditation app, a food tracking app, or an app that connects to your fitness tracker. Google Play makes it easier to improve your health by giving you access to apps that can help you with your mental and physical wellness if used properly.

Google Podcasts

You can use Google Podcasts to find motivational and informational podcasts about health. You can listen to them while you drive, at the gym, or even while out for a walk. If you do not like reading, listening to podcasts is a great way to educate yourself and stay inspired.

Google Play Books

With Google Play Books, you can listen to audiobooks that teach you about health and fitness. There are also a lot of motivational audiobooks available because having a good mindset when it comes to wellness and fitness is also essential.

Google Fit

Google Fit is the company’s own gift to the world to encourage a better lifestyle. You can track how much you move throughout the day through Move Minutes, track your workouts, monitor goals, and get custom tips. You can also connect it with other apps.

Ready to Google your way to better health?

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