How I Started a 6 Phase Meditation Challenge by Vishen Lakhiani Without Thinking

How I Started a 6 Phase Meditation Challenge by Vishen Lakhiani Without Thinking

So, I recently developed a habit of doing Vishen Lakhiani’s 6 Phase Meditation every morning without really trying or thinking about it.

For the past year, I have been meaning to start meditating regularly, but have been putting it off. My morning routine is basically getting up and watching something motivational every morning. As YouTube does, it kept reminding me that I need to start a practice by suggesting guided videos and videos that discuss the benefits of meditating.

One video that kept popping up was called: “The 6 Phase Meditation Guided by Vishen Lakhiani”. It was not a particularly special Monday when I started, but I was in the mood to listen to something by Vishen Lakhiani, who is the founder of Mindvalley, as I find his voice calming and him inspiring.

I searched his name, and the first video that popped up in the suggested list was the 6 Phase Meditation. I clicked without even thinking and thought: why not? My problem with meditating is the fact that I have a short attention span, but he has come up with a brilliant solution to divide the session into 6 phases, and in doing so, has managed to get me to sit down for twenty minutes.

In fact, I have effortlessly repeated this action every day for the past two weeks. Without really forcing myself, I managed to start meditating regularly with ease. I love the concept. My mind usually does not give up easily when I try to get it to focus while meditating.

What I love about the genius 6 phase outline, is that he has a combination of gratitude, visualisation, loving kindness, self-love, forgiveness, and love and connection.

It feels like every time I finish meditating, I wake up from it a more balanced person, and that I am making progress in the things I believe are necessary in order for me to reduce my anxiety, become more focused, improve my relationships, and improve my chances of success in my pursuit of optimal health, becoming my own version of superhuman, and making my dreams come true.

Add the gained confidence after two weeks of meditating for twenty minutes a day, and it is easy to understand why I am so excited about this. There are a lot of health reasons why I am excited about doing Vishen Lakhiani’s 6 Phase Meditation every day for two weeks.

The Health Benefits of Meditating

  • Meditating regularly helps reduce cortisol levels. This is the main stress hormone that can speed up ageing, cause weight gain, and just make you feel horrible.
  • Meditating trains mindfulness. Being more mindful, in general, will help me in almost every aspect of my life. When you meditate often, you can be more mindful while eating and when choosing food, so that you can choose what is best for you.
  • This meditation is great for my mental health. He adds a part where you have to forgive somebody who has harmed you and ask them to forgive you in return, which is helping me to let go of stored pain a little bit more with each day. Some people have come up in more than one session, but I will keep forgiving until my mind is free of clinging to these feelings.

Listing things that I am grateful for each day has also helped me greatly to feel more positive in my daily life.

The Mental Performance Benefits

Meditating helps you focus, and I have definitely been feeling more focused. He also adds a visualisation section where you visualise your goals and what it would feel like to reach them, and you also visualise how you want your day to unfold.

I wonder if continuing to do so will help me to exceed my own expectations in terms of what I will be able to achieve with my goal of being a great health writer. I suppose it is a means goal, as it is my way of trying to share health knowledge with the world and make the world a healthier place.

Will I Continue with Vishen Lakhiani’s 6 Phase Meditation?

Definitely! I do not know how long, but I definitely want to do it for at least thirty days. Because why not? Maybe I could carry on for 66 days, since that is apparently the average amount of time it takes to start a new habit.

I do not really want to make this another challenge I could fail at, but so far, I have been choosing to do it every morning, and I know I will probably want to do it again tomorrow morning. It has become part of my morning routine, which is just waking up, meditating, getting ready for work, and then doing breathing exercises in the car.

In terms of creating the ideal guided meditation, Vishen Lakhiani definitely deserves credit for his 6 phase approach.


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