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When you were a kid and you did a good job on your homework or a test, your teacher probably gave you a gold star. Perhaps you had a sticker chart on the fridge growing up and got a sticker whenever you did something like clean your room, eat your vegetables, or sleep in your own room. 

But as we grow older, the gold stars become less and less. Your boss is not going to give you a gold star for doing well on a project or completing your tasks for the day. You probably will not get recognition for most of the things you do. 

The key is to give yourself that gold star. You can take this literally and put a gold star sticker at the end of your daily to-do list once you have completed all your tasks for the day. You can make yourself a habit tracker and sticker chart and give yourself gold stars for doing things like working out, sticking to your diet, making your bed, shaving your legs, etc. 

Or you can find some other way to reward and acknowledge your efforts. 

This is not about the gold stars, it is about giving yourself the recognition you deserve. It is so easy to forget about all the good things you do and have done and to focus on the things you haven’t done and struggle with. 

It can be hard to feel good about yourself when doing this, which is why I have been trying to acknowledge my achievements lately, both big and small. 

Here are a few things I have been doing:

Making a Checklist Every Day 

Writing out a list of my tasks for the day on one page and then making check marks next to the tasks as I complete them has been giving me visual confirmation that I have been getting shit done. 

If I don’t do this, even though I have been productive, I will still trick myself into thinking that I haven’t done nearly enough. 

I Wrote a List of My Achievements 

I keep a list of my past achievements and good qualities in my journal that I can look at whenever I feel bad about myself and feel like I have not been growing and achieving enough in my life. 

You will be surprised to see just how many things you can feel good about and be proud of when you sit down and write down what makes you awesome and the incredible things you have done. 

I Give Myself Gold Stars

I bought gold star stickers and have been pasting them in my journal as I complete tasks and practise healthy habits. The gold stars have been making my journal look quite shiny and pretty. The more I get done, the shinier and prettier it starts to look. 

At first, I found it hilarious, but then I realised how much I love doing it and how much it helped me to acknowledge the good things I do. 

These gold stars have been doing wonders for my confidence.

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