Fasting and Martial Arts – An Interview with Robert

Fasting and Martial Arts – An Interview with Robert

Fasting is an incredibly powerful tool for transformation – just ask Robert from Way of Martial Arts

I recently did an interview with Robert on his journey with intermittent fasting. My goal going forward is to share real stories from real people like Robert about how they have changed their lives by changing their diets and lifestyles. 

Robert’s answers have reignited my desire to experiment with fasting and hopefully, he will inspire you to give it a try if you’ve never done it before. Here is what he had to say:

1. How Much Weight Have You Lost In Total? 

Each time I want to lose weight, I do fasting for eight weeks. In that period, my goal is to lose 15 pounds (a little less than 2 pounds per week). I usually do it every six months to lose the weight I gained in the bulking phase.

2. How Do You Mentally Prepare For A Fast? 

The first few days can be a bit hard. I usually wake up at 9 AM and don’t eat until 3 PM. What helps me a lot is to be occupied, work, do something, so I don’t think about the food. Coffee also helps a lot.

3. What And How Much Do You Typically Eat During A Fast? 

As my TDEE is around 3500 calories, I eat around 2700 calories daily when cutting. No specific food, but I aim to eat high-density food like potatoes. Also, vitamin- and mineral-rich food is a must for me.

4. Do You Have A Special Protocol You Follow After a Fast? 

After eight weeks, I am on maintenance calories for one week where I workout less (deload week). 

5. What Does Your Training Look Like During A Fast? 

I train in the evenings. The most important part for me is to have a good meal (carbs and protein) around 60 minutes before the workout session. After the session, carbs and protein again with some addition of fats. The main goal of the training sessions during the fast is to maintain the same output as before I started with the fast, i.e. not to lose any strength and performance.

6. What Does Your Sleep Routine And Schedule Look Like On Average And During A Fast? 

I wake up at around 9 AM, fast until 3 PM. The first meal is at 3 PM, the second at 6 PM. The training session is at 7 PM, and the meal after at 9 PM. The last meal before going to bed (usually cottage cheese) is at 11 PM. I go to bed at 1 AM.

7. What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Is New To Fasting? 

The first few days can be hard. I suggest tea, coffee, and a lot of water when you are not eating to “deceive the hunger.” After the first few days, you will actually have more energy during the fast and won’t have any need to eat. When you get some experience, you could probably go even longer without eating.

8. What Advice Would You Give To Someone Who Is First Starting Their Fat Loss Journey? 

Record the whole process! I can’t stress how important it is to weigh in every day, count your calories, macros, and take pictures of yourself once a week. Once you have everything written down in the sheet, it will be a lot of easier to keep track and deliver the results.

9. Have You Noticed Any Mental Health And Cognitive Benefits From Doing Martial Arts? 

Of course. Martial arts build discipline, improve temper and help you relax. I also recommend checking out the article I wrote about how martial arts can help with some mental aspects of your life. Follow this link: Can Martial Arts Help with Anger, Anxiety, and Depression?

10. Can The Discipline You Develop In Martial Arts Help You Develop Discipline In Other Areas Of Your Life Like Your Diet?

Sure. Martial arts are all about building confidence, discipline, respect, mental strength (on top of all the physical benefits) and to transition those values outside the gym in everyday life. 

JH: Thank you so much Robert for sharing your story and giving us tips and advice on fasting. I know anyone reading this has gained tremendous value from your words. 

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