Fashionably Fit An Interview with Jordan Wilkes

Fashionably Fit: An Interview with Jordan Wilkes

If you’re going to run a successful fashion business and help people look their best, it’s important that you feel your best, so you can show up to work each day and give it your all. Jordan Wilkes is an extremely health-conscious entrepreneur who has both physical and mental strategies for feeling and performing his best.
This has helped him run Stride. If you haven’t heard of it, Stride is the leading sustainable fashion and beauty retailer in Australia sporting over 100 Aussie labels. How impressive is that? Jordan agreed to share some of his top strategies for improving his health and performance.
If you are interested in pursuing your dreams while becoming the healthiest version of you possible, here is what you could learn from Jordan:

1. When You Go To The Gym, What Do You Typically Do?

I typically go to the gym in the late afternoon, as that is when I have my peak energy and it is just before it gets busy. I like to do a variety of push/pull exercises for my upper body, whereas I focus on squats and deadlifts for my legs.

2. What Message Do You Have For Entrepreneurs Who Don’t Feel Like They Need To Focus On Their Health And Wellness?

I think every human, let alone entrepreneur, needs to focus on their health and wellness. It’s impossible to be mentally 100% if you aren’t helping your body through regular exercise. You don’t need to become a bodybuilder – you just need a consistent schedule.

3. What Diet And Lifestyle Changes Have Had The Biggest Impact On Your Health And Performance?

I play soccer 4 times a week, as well as going to the gym, so I believe that consistent routine helps me to escape the stresses of running my own business. If one has no escape, they are constantly absorbed by their business.

4. How Long Have You Been Meditating Frequently?

I probably first started meditating in April/May 2020 and I was quite consistent with morning meditations. I dropped off a bit at the start of the year but now I’m getting back into it and am meditating for up to 15 minutes now.

5. Have You Noticed Any Unexpected Benefits From Your Meditation And Gratitude Practice?

100% I have. It really helps to centre me at the start of the day and think a lot more clearly. There’s a great quote called “be where your feet are” and meditation has helped me to do that.

6. What Is Your Sleep Routine Like? Do You Have Any Strategies For Trying To Optimise Your Sleep?

I’m a massive advocate for sleep and I get my 8 hours 95% of the time. There’s a million tactics I can give, but the best one is going to bed and waking up at a similar time each day (tolerance of 30 minutes each way). There’s a great book by Matthew Walker called “Why We Sleep”.

7. What Are Your Current Health And Fitness Goals?

My main goal at the moment is to stay fit and powerful for my soccer, as well as some hypertrophy training

8. Do You Have Any Other Strategies To Help You Get Into The Right Mindset For Success?

The best strategy I can give is to make your goals 100% intrinsic. Don’t chase a “dream” to please your parents, friends, or spouse – do it for you… because there will be super tough days, and if you’re not living your dream, then you will give up.

9. If You Could Only Recommend One Health Tip To Someone Completely New To Diet, Exercise, And a Healthy Lifestyle, What Would It Be?

Progressive overload. Don’t try to make wholesale changes overnight as that will be a shock to your system. Start small and make incremental changes

10. What Does The Best Version Of You Look Like In Your Opinion?

The best version of me is when I’m smiling and loving what I do every day.
JH: I hope Jordan has inspired you as much as he has inspired me to improve your health and wellness, and to ultimately become more successful. We often sacrifice our health in the pursuit of our careers, but Jordan is proof that by taking care of yourself, you can take care of business like a pro.

If you want to check out Stride, go to www.stridestore.com.au

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