Doing the Lion Diet for World Carnivore Month

Doing the Lion Diet for World Carnivore Month

I’m doing The Lion Diet by Mikhaila Peterson for World Carnivore Month in January. With The Lion Diet, you basically stick to eating meat from ruminant animals (like beef or lamb), salt and water. It’s the ultimate elimination diet and a version of the carnivore diet.

This might be the toughest diet challenge I’ve ever embarked on. 

Why did I choose such a strict challenge? Because I’m fed up. I’m fed up with my PCOS symptoms like acne, and something needs to change drastically. I need to manage my insulin resistance (thanks to PCOS) and before this challenge, I was overindulging in carb-rich fruits, dark chocolate, dairy and coffee. 

I knew that I wasn’t doing myself any favours with my high-carb diet, but I felt a little rebellious and indulged in carbs for a little while longer. Knowing that World Carnivore Month was approaching in January, I thought: “Why not just jump into the deep end and do The Lion Diet?” “Why not see if cutting out the dairy, chocolate, and coffee, and reducing my carb intake, will improve my skin, body composition, and overall health?” 

And so, I committed. Once I told my husband, Jonathan, I knew that I would have to do it. He will keep me accountable, he always does. Like the supportive husband he is, he agreed to do it with me. Sticking to The Lion Diet will be much easier if he’s not eating fruit and dairy and we don’t have to keep these tempting foods in the house. 

I feel like The Lion Diet will be a great reset for my body because it is extremely low in inflammatory foods and involves zero carbs. Plus, you eat a lot of protein on this diet, which will help me build muscle (one of my biggest goals). 

I’m still in the beginning of The Lion Diet and am excited to see how I feel at the end of World Carnivore Month. After the challenge, I plan on reintroducing fruit while making sure I don’t overload on carbs, but I want to be dairy and coffee free for at least 3 months to see what it does to my skin. 

You’ll probably see an update on The Hart of Health website after I’m done with The Lion Diet challenge for World Carnivore Month, but until then, wish me luck. Let’s hope it will be life-changing.

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