Doing a 3-Day Egg Fast as An Experiment for This Health Blog

Doing a 3-Day Egg Fast as An Experiment for This Health Blog

While doing a five-day bone broth fast recently as an experiment for my health and this blog, I started to really crave eggs, which made me decide to do an egg fast shortly after the bone broth fast. I now realise that during our carnivore diet experiment last year, where we only ate meat, salt, and water for a month, the only thing I really craved was eggs.

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I saw the egg fast as an opportunity to experiment with different ways of cooking eggs, as one of my biggest dreams is to become a really good cook and to post recipes on my blog, and knowing how to cook eggs well is one of the basics of being a good cook (and food blogger). I especially wanted to learn how to poach an egg on my three-day egg fast was.

It was a lot easier than the bone broth fast, to be honest. I had fun experimenting, and since the egg fast allows you to have one portion of fat for every egg that you eat, I allowed myself to add a little bit of cacao to my diet (I had to make adjustments for my chocolate addiction) and basically lived off eggs and cacao for three days, as well as erythritol and stevia, which are two sweeteners that do not affect your blood sugar levels at all.

What I did was make myself dark chocolates by mixing cacao powder, water, and sweetener, and put that in the fridge or the freezer, depending on the consistency I desired. If I wanted a paste like Nutella, I would put it in the fridge, but for a nice truffle or dark chocolate, I put it in the freezer.

This allowed me to feel satisfied during my egg fast and to have dessert on a daily basis. What I also realised is that I am a genius, because if you think about it, you can make a chocolate mousse by whisking egg whites and just adding cacao powder and sweetener, and therefore, chocolate mousse is a great addition to an egg fast. I will share the recipe on the blog once I have perfected it.

I ate four eggs at each meal, plus a dessert. I was also trying to stick to one of the recommendations of the fasting mimicking diet, where you only eat 800 calories a day. I did limit myself to 800 calories on the egg fast, but that is not too difficult, as eggs are quite low in calories.

I definitely enjoyed this fast and this experiment I did for my health and the blog. My bloating went down, and I felt very happy because I could use different healthy cooking methods that helped me practice for food blogging in the future. What’s great about eggs is that they are a good source of protein, and the type of protein that is very easy to digest by the body.

One egg contains about 6g of fat and 6g of protein, so they are quite balanced. Plus, eggs are a source of vitamin D, and I have a vitamin D deficiency. They are also a source of choline, which is very good for your brain and brain health (I was working on my 90-day blog post challenge during the fast, so my brain needed it).

What did make the egg fast a bit difficult was the fact that we had a few family gatherings, and I had to eat a quiche that I made for myself while the other people were eating ribs, chicken, and lamb chops, but I was enjoying it, so it wasn’t too difficult. I knew that in a few days, I would be able to eat what I wanted.

Having the healthy chocolate was the most important part for me. Not being able to eat salty foods like the meat that I wanted isn’t as bad as not being able to have something sweet, and especially something chocolaty.

That is why I don’t think I will ever do an egg fast like this one for the health blog without having some sort of dessert as well, but like I said, making a chocolate mousse allows you to use the egg whites from the eggs, and then, you can cook the yolks and eat them separately. I had a plate full of eggs and a big bowl of chocolate mousse, and I only used five eggs, cacao, and some erythritol, so my calories were very low for that meal.

I couldn’t believe that I had a giant dessert and not a lot of calories.

What this egg fast did teach me is that I will be making a lot of chocolate mousse in the future. And as I was forced to be creative with making desserts from just eggs, cacao powder, a bit of sweetener, and water, I actually learned to make a new freezer chocolate recipe, and made my own chocolate paste.

Fasting and limiting what I can eat has really forced me to be creative with my cooking, and it has forced me to become a better cook. I really want to become very good at making healthy desserts for the blog, future projects, and future pleasure, so I am grateful for the egg fast for that reason.

I will definitely do it again in the future, perhaps after bingeing or going on holiday. I will also add eggs if I do the carnivore diet again. I want to do a carnivore challenge for the blog, but where I can have eggs. It is a good way to lose weight as well. I won’t do it every month, but maybe if there is a month where I am low on money, and then I can combine the egg fast and the bone broth diet, because they are both very cheap sources of protein and food.

I can go to any butchery and get some bones from them for a very affordable price, as they would otherwise just throw it away, and eggs are quite affordable and healthy. Maybe when I’m saving up for my dress that I will be wearing after I finally lose the weight that I have been trying to lose for 15 years. I can’t wait to write my blog post about finally losing the weight.

I’m using these fast like my recent bone broth fast and the egg fast to help me get a jump start on finally losing the fat that I have been wanting to and getting a flat stomach. While aesthetics are motivating, and looking good is a driving factor for me, improving my health is also a motivator for losing weight, as I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and losing weight can greatly help to improve your symptoms.

As my diet, in general, is already quite healthy, it is difficult for me to lose weight and to make the necessary changes. Therefore, fasting, for me, is the next step in terms of improving my health and losing the rest of the weight. I highly recommend experimenting with different fasts. You don’t have to do the egg fast if you do not want to, but I quite enjoyed it, and you can make eggs in quite a few ways, and still allow yourself to have dessert if you are clever in how you make it.

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