Discover Your Optimal Self By Experimenting With Your Diet

A lot of people feel like they are limited in terms of what their genetics delt them, even though they forget that it is an expression of the interaction between their genetics and their environments and what they put into their bodies.

It is a super important factor that a lot of people don’t think about. And not to forget about things like sleep but sleep is sort of a simple subject that is pretty straightforward, where diet is, as Paul Saladino would say, a much bigger lever for people to pull. I would say that sleep is a very easy lever to pull, and diet is a much more difficult lever to pull. You have to put a lot of effort into it.

It is a large investment. It is easy to get a blue-light blocking app on your phone and blue-light blocking glasses and to go to bed early. It is pretty simple. Making sure your room is dark is pretty simple. 

Diet is something you almost have to struggle with every day, and you want to know if you are on the right path or not. That is partly why everyone is looking for this simple diet. They want it to be the silver bullet. 

But finding your optimal self and your optimal diet is obviously going to mean figuring out what works best for you. 

But now we are at least getting information about genetics and stuff like that, where you can actually already start pre-guessing what you are going to be good with, what will work well for you, and what you should avoid based on your genetics. 

And I think anyone who has the MTHFR methylation gene will probably do pretty well on a carnivore-ish diet, as well as people with an autoimmune disease like arthritis. All people with conditions linked to inflammation will do well on an elimination diet like the Whole 30 diet or the carnivore diet. Everyone will see improvements.

You need to look at yourself as an individual to find the optimal diet for you. Your optimal self is your healthiest self. You do not want to just be following a fad diet because it looks cool at that point in time. If you are going to become your optimal self, you need to embark on your own journey and find the best diet for you. 

A lot of people go on a paleo diet and they do well. I think a lot of people do well on a vegetarian diet, which is relatively easy compared to a vegan diet. A vegan diet is actually a bit too much. I don’t think there any examples of a vegan ancient community with any sort of deep roots in culture. Eggs and milk and all sorts of other animal proteins, even insects, have always been part of the human diet. Eggs were always on the table.

Even just adding eggs is always a step in the right direction. 

Because then, you do not need to take as many supplements and you can get the nutrients from your diet. 

So, how does that link to becoming your optimal self?

So, you’re out there, you’re on a vegan diet, and you are already on the journey of pursuing optimal health, but it’s very rare for someone to thrive on a vegan diet in my opinion.

If you want to discover your optimal self if you are vegan, it might take a little longer. It is really important to experiment with your diet in order to find the optimal diet for you and become your best self. I recently completed a 30-day vegan diet challenge, which did not go well, and will be starting a nose-to-tail carnivore diet challenge in April. 

I will keep you updated on my experiments, and in the meantime, start doing your own.  


Written by Jonathan

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