Jonathan and Joané Hart

About Us

Hi, we are Joané and Jonathan Hart. We are a couple of health nerds on a mission. We run The Hart of Health, which is a diet, biohacking, and self-optimisation blog and podcast, as a couple. On our podcast and website, we delve into topics, such as biohacking, diet, self-improvement, and optimising your sleep.

We also like experimenting with our own diets and have done countless health and fitness experiments over the years. We look forward to all the knowledge we will gain, experiments we will do, and growth we will go through on this journey.

The ultimate goal is to become your best self, and we are passionate about helping people to find diets and lifestyle approaches that will help them feel their best, and that they will be able to incorporate easily into their lives. Everything is optional. We mainly present the information to help you create the best diet and life for you.

Our Values and Mission

We value health, we value truth, we value growth, and we value the environment. We don’t just want to become as healthy and happy as we possibly can, and to become the Superhuman versions of ourselves.

We want to help the world become a healthier place and inspire others to aspire to become their Superhuman selves.