How to Stay Motivated

A Little Something About How to Stay Motivated

It is all fun and games until a few days (or even hours) after starting a diet. This is where you need to find motivation from as many sources as you can and let the part of you that is capable of being disciplined drag your weak and willpower lacking self forward towards your goals. Sometimes, you really need to use every bit of energy you have to just drive past the bakery where you know there are all sorts of delicious goodies you could buy.

It is even trickier when it is so easy to order food online nowadays, and we get lazy. Who knew that staying away from a website could be so difficult? Motivation is temporary, but you need to make motivating yourself regularly a habit.

One thing that I have found very helpful is to write down my goals every morning and whenever I feel demotivated. I remind myself of the main reasons why I want to become healthier as often as possible. I used to write them on sticky notes and put them on the bathroom mirror, but it felt weird when my husband was reading them while washing his hands or brushing his teeth.

Momentum is incredibly motivating, so as soon as you start seeing small improvements in your health or begin to move closer towards reaching a physical goal, it should be enough to spark some excitement and motivate you to continue.

Talking to a friend, colleague, or family member who is also trying to improve their health can also help a lot. They can encourage you to keep going, and perhaps their personal stories will remind you that you are not alone. Their own progress can perhaps even motivate you.

I also binge-watch self-improvement videos and listen to podcasts when it feels like my motivation or willpower is starting to run out. You should find what works for you.

What are some things that motivate you that you can turn to when you feel discouraged?

How can you remind yourself of your reasons for why you want to achieve certain goals?