A Biohacking Tip for Superhuman Health: Go to Bed

Dear superhuman

Go to bed. I know you might not want to, but if it is past 22:00 and you are reading this, then go to bed. I mean it. Knowledge about optimal health and biohacking can wait until tomorrow morning when you listen to an informative podcast or audiobook on your way to work or during your morning workout, but for now, it is better that you go to bed, so that your body can rest and recover, your human growth hormone levels can increase, and your brain can process and store what you have learned that day. 

It is tempting to stay up late to play video games (which are great for brain development, by the way, so I am not condemning them) like Jonathan is currently since he has discovered a new game, or to get up really early to get some extra work done, but please make sure that you have at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night if you are aiming for optimal health and want to become superhuman. 

The most important thing to do if you are new to biohacking and aiming for optimal health is to optimise your sleep first, especially if your goal is to become superhuman. 

Other ways of improving your sleep for optimal health are reducing blue light exposure before bed from screens (TV, phone, etc.), cooling the room down or letting your body temperature cool down another way before bed (cold shower anyone?), and keeping your daily carbs for at night. It’s late, so I won’t go into the details about how these biohacking tips benefit sleep now, but it’s time to go to bed. 

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