75 HARD™ Week 1 Glowing Up is Hard

75 HARD™ Week 1: Glowing Up is Hard

I just completed week 1 of 75 HARD™. I’m not going to lie to you: it hasn’t been the easiest week ever. Why? 

Because 75 HARD™ is a mental toughness challenge. If week 1 wasn’t hard, then I definitely didn’t do it right. It’s called 75 HARD™ for a reason.

What Was My Diet Like Week 1 of 75 HARD™?

I chose to follow an animal-based diet and chose a carb limit of 75g per day, because after all, this is 75 HARD™. 

The animal-based eating part was easy the first week. What I did struggle with is only eating three times per day. Maybe it was the fact that it was the first week of what I know will be a long and hard challenge, but my cravings were a problem this first week. 

I did allow myself to have some ginger tea between meals to help with cravings and added some salt and lemon juice to my water for electrolytes. That helped a lot.

What Was it Like Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day? 

Drinking 3,7 L of water or one gallon per day is a challenge for many people, I know. But for me, it’s the easiest part of the challenge. I’ve been quite thirsty lately and I’ve had days where I drank more than that. 

What Workouts Did I Do Week 1 of 75 HARD™? 

This past week, I started lifting heavier weights again, went on a few walks, did some flexibility training and even started doing Pilates workouts again to help strengthen my core.

I am quite sore, to be honest. I can definitely feel that I pushed myself physically my first week of 75 HARD™. 

What Is It Like to Take a Progress Picture Every Day? 

For me, it can be quite funny. I take my progress picture as soon as I wake up. My hair is chaos, my eyes aren’t even open yet, and most of the time, I look like a tired and deranged badass somehow. I find how I look in my progress photos quite funny. Some days, I’ll pull a funny face if I really look bad. Who says you need to look pretty in your progress pic? 

What Did I Read in Week 1 of 75 HARD™? 

I’m trying to learn and memorise more information related to animal-based eating, so I started with The Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino. Wow, I’m so grateful that I chose to read it because I have learned so much and received so many answers to questions I had about things like oxalates and polyphenols. 

Am I Mentally Tougher than a Week Ago? 

While I’m no David Goggins, Andy Frisella, or Jocko Willink yet, I do feel like I’m a little closer to calling myself a mentally tough person. Luckily, there are still 68 days left for me to work on my health, knowledge, and mental toughness.

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